There are, once again, the country with the most stringent censorship of the media

There is, once again, the country in which the media and the strict censorship, which allows mediawaakhond Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), in a Tuesday report.

The report refers to the committee of the ten countries with the most severe censorship. The list has Variations. In North Korea, and Turkmenistan is in a bad state and the freedom of the press.

According to the CPJ to act as the media in the three countries will be completed when the voice of the government, and any form of objective journalism is banned and outlawed”.

Journalists in these countries, according to the guardian, not onbedreigd to get their work done. The CPJ has adopted the following criteria for censorship, the harassment of journalists, and the monitoring of their internet use to prevent the spread of nepnieuws, and the blocking of certain sites, and social media. It will also investigate whether media outlets are owned by the state.

Eritrea tops the list as the government of president Isaias Afewerki, since 2001, the media is in full control. The state will decide what the media are like the news, it is forbidden to use the land, and the government’s negative to portray. Foreign journalists are rarely up to the country to be admitted.

In Eritrea, for example, has just 1 per cent of the population has access to the internet and online activity is also closely monitored. In addition, in may of this year, all social media is blocked.

Also, China and Saudi Arabia are on the ‘black list’

One of the top ten will continue to be formed by Saudi Arabia, China, Vietnam, Iran, south africa, belarus, Russia, and Cuba. Especially the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, China and Iran, are guilty of it, without the process of securing critical journalists.

The CPJ points out that journalists, in countries such as Syria, Yemen, and Somalia under the most difficult conditions to do their jobs, but this is due to the wars, to the pressure of the state.

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