TheColorGrey swears his life on the street down in ‘Swerve’: watch the clip in premiere

“I grew up with loitering and their lifestyle, but I do not live longer on the street corner’, says TheColorGrey, who, with his new single Swerve of his status as Antwerp urbanprins all the glory.

© Kelly Fober

‘Okay, Lamborghini Mercy (swerve!) / Your chick, she so thirsty (swerve!)’, rapten Kanye West, Pusha T, Big Sean and 2 Chainz in 2012, Wests Mercy. Took TheColorGrey the mustard for his new single with Yeezy? ‘No, not at all,” says rapper-singer-producer Will Michiels (23), alias TheColorGrey. “I didn’t even know that the word swerve therein occurred!’

“I believe that the official definition of swerve “from lane change’ is, but you can put your own interpretation to it’, says Michiels. “For me, it means: of course change. I grew up between the loitering and the associated lifestyle. Some of the boys still live on the street. I do not, I kinda swerved away from it. You have to make your own path, determine your own path, pave it.”


Or I the mustard for Swerve at Kanye’ve met? Total no. I didn’t even know that the word swerve in his song prevented.

Will Michiels alias TheColorGrey

Took place in the regiestoel for the clip in the Swerve: Anthony Nti, maker of the Film Fest Gent award-winning short film Boi (2016) and clips for SLM and Darrell Cole. ‘Anthony is a personal friend of mine. We have a click, on a personal and on an artistic level. He is a fan of my music and I of his work. He often feels something in my songs, to the extent that if I were to put something forward, he immediately turn on for visuals. So we exchange continuously ideas. Why with someone else’s work as I do as well with hém can do?’

Swerve is not their first collaboration. Anthony also has my first clip made for the song Sins. That video had 10,000 euros can cost, he turned to him for 500 euro. We did have some headaches during the preparation and the filming of Sins. When Swerve was that different. The pressure is on Anthony’s shoulders cases, everyone is more relaxed. You grow as an artist, and the production and budgets continue to grow.’

© Kelly Fober

Attentive viewers will in the clip, the city of Antwerp to recognize, the home Will Michiels and also the backdrop of his previous videos. “I think that’s rather a practical solution,” he laughs. ‘We want to do with this music and visuals also internationally will be able to play, a local feel, should not per se.’

This summer will TheColorGrey wandering on the summer festivals, of Fire is Gold and Genk On Stage to Couleur Café and Gent Jazz to the Lokerse Feesten. “Where I especially look forward to? Festival Mundial in Tilburg, my first festival in the Netherlands. Since a few months I play with a live band, and we are now very well-oiled. We are going to just studio type of vibes to bring to all the festivals.’

Swerve heard on TheColorGreys second ep For What It’s Worth, from at Corner Vibe Records/Warner.

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