The zeeland mussel season is going to finally start

In the Netherlands Yerseke is the Zeeland mussel season, today officially started. That is five weeks later than the past years. Mussels this year are a bit smaller and probably a bit more expensive, but are of good quality, as is to belong to the Dutch mosselveiling.

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The first mussels were upwards met with a submarine in the Netherlands, Tholen. That took a while. The mosselperceel was not immediately found. The Belgian and Dutch press were watching.

On board of a ship were mosselliefhebbers and journalists will have the honor to be the first official Dutch mussels to taste. According to Nico van Zantvoort, auctioneer, at the Dutch mosselveiling, they are of good quality.

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“The mussels are a bit on the smaller side, but of top quality. We saw that the mussels the last few weeks their effort has been focused in the increase of the vleesgewicht, not so much in the growth of the shell.’ Mosselkweker Marinus Padmos clarified. ‘It is, therefore, the size of the shells which this year is on the low side. The meat percentage within the shell is now an average of 30 percent, last year it was 25, and we are very satisfied with it.’

Later, ripe

Especially the mussels will be more difficult to find – and therefore more expensive? Van Zantvoort: “If the large mussels are scarce, they are also higher in price, yes.”

In the Belgian restaurants on the coast and elsewhere are mussels al a while to get, but either were that mussels of the hangcultuur – in June, or were German. An explanation of why the Zeeland bodemcultuurmosselen later than usually mature, is not unambiguous.

“It is a natural product. Weather conditions, or whether there are many or too little food and oxygen in the water, the cycle of the mussel itself, which are all factors where the mosselkweker has no influence.’ Mosselkweker Marinus Padmos explains further: “We started this year with a growth retardation. That came due last year in the spring, too little food was in the sea. From the autumn of 2017 was the growth well, but the backlog in the two-year growth cycle of the mussels was not more to catch up.’

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