The ‘worst director in the world Uwe Boll quits: five zwakzinnigste scenes

The unanimously scolded German director likes there soon. Uwe Boll shows a schabouwelijke filmography behind. From a long list of incomprehensible mistakes, we present to you the five most mind-blowing.


Each filmmaker has his fans. Or that you would think. When Uwe Boll – however, a director that an appeal has been able to do on acceptable budgets, releases that went beyond just plattelandsbioscopen and sometimes even well-known actors – will, however, not many are. 29 movies has the German, directed, and 25 of them scored lower than five on ten on IMDb. Better still: 10 movies do even worse than three in ten. Also started film fans in the past a petition to have him permanently from the regiestoel to fend off. Not entirely wrongly, as it turns out from these five most clumsy scenes from a man’s career.

The zelfmoordork

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007)

In this irresistibly quirky Lord of the Rings for idiots could our Teutonic krabbelaar actually count on more or less established names as Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, Leelee Sobieski, Burt Reynolds and John Rhys-Davies. Of all his video game adaptations, this is not even the worst, but this action sequence is classic Yours.

An army would be orks in a fight with Statham and co. when an ork is without any reason in a slingshot, in a fire, stabbed by one of his companions, and from three different camera angles to the air-launched. To end then just burning to continue fighting. All of this happens while Ray Liotta attempts evil laughter.

Zombie Nation

House of the Dead (2003)

With a score of two on the ten, this zombie film, proud to show off in IMDB’s Bottom 100. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this madness. In this ‘action sequence’ is a zombie with onovertuigende make-up on even onovertuigende way beheaded by one of the heroes, but that is not enough to make him permanently mute. On ridiculous mode starts the headless monster his executioner to strangle another character of the fuselage separated head crashes. “Game over, fucker’, she concludes.

Free epilepsy

Alone in the Dark (2005)

Equally unsurpassed is this insane shoot-out. Uwe Boll seems to convulsions to suffer while he this scene inblikt. Tara Reid and her companion fire more bullets at a cgi monster is any pattern in the world can carry. All that while there is a disturbing metalsoundtrack is tossed up, which perhaps no one understands the contribution that it provides. In addition, the scene as hyperkinetisch ge-edit that it is a miracle if you get there without epilepsy. At no time does the viewer what is actually happening. Would Herr Boll, himself something of understand?

Screens for dummies

BloodRayne (2007)

Boll strictly Ben Kingsley, Michelle Rodriguez, Udo Kier, and Michael Madsen for a kind of medieval vampierenchaos. That Germany’s most incompetent veelfilmer also not dare to more traditional action scenes proves he is in the ‘climax’ of BloodRayne. This final sword fight is so poorly mounted that the characters literally see waiting for the next attack of the opponent. Boll does the whole thing also no good by continually the rhythm from scene to catch up with imbeciele dialogues: “As if your interests are noble,” says the heroine in unbelievable way. That someone had also called me from mr. Boll may say.


Postal (2007)

You can tell him what you want, but to one genre limit has Uwe Boll never done. So bold, he is in Postal to the comedy. A policeman chases in a old Asian lady who has him stop at a traffic light. The agent must be a phobia for perennial orientals, because he approaches her with a shotgun in the attack. Then understand he’s also not one iota of what she says and pops her then but turned upside down. Five times. ‘I think she called me nigger.’ This scene is so hallucinatory that you do not know where to look. Conclusion: if Uwe Boll wants to make serious, he is hilarious, and if he is funny, he is embarrassing.

Uwe Boll will have two films releasing before he finally quit. And then it is forever “game over, fucker’.


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