The world’s largest nuclear plant gets long-awaited OK

This Sept. 30, 2017 aerial photo shows the reactors of the No. 6 and No. 7, on the left, in Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant, Niigata prefecture.

(Kyodo News via AP)

The largest nuclear power plant in the world sits idle, as it has for almost seven years. But that stands to change, and not without public concern.

The Guardian reports that the japanese nuclear watchdog this week gave Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), the green light for the start of two of the seven reactors at Kashiwazaki-kariwa, which is the victim to the country of the nuclear power moratorium in the wake of the March 2011 Fukushima disaster.

That disaster on TEPCO’s watch, and the utility says that the money that the generation of Kashiwazaki-kariwa’s power is the key to the financing of the continuation of the dismantling of the efforts of Fukushima.

It has poured more than $6 billion in Kashiwazaki-kariwa in an attempt to support the immune system of the series of disasters that befell Fukushima. A 50-foot seawall provides tsunami protection, for example, and 22,000 tons of water in a nearby reservoir, ready for the grab as the reactors have the sudden cooling.

But the local population is not convinced—the Japan Times reports, some people said at the meeting where the re-approval is granted—and that is: While the restart are in pencil occur in spring 2019, the AFP reports that the local authorities need to get their OK, and that process can take years.

The plant is located in Niigata prefecture, and the local population cite the active seismic faults in the area as a major source of concern; the Guardian notes, “a proof that the land on which Tepco of the sea dike is susceptible to liquefaction in the event of a large earthquake.” A second is the fear that should an evacuation be necessary, it would be much less successful than that of Fukushima due to the larger population.

This article originally appeared on Newser: world’s Largest Nuke Plant Gets a long-Awaited OK

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