‘The work of volunteers is becoming increasingly complex’

‘The work of volunteers is becoming increasingly complex’

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Dutch people who do voluntary work, get out there with increasingly complex problems. Poverty, loneliness and illiteracy in practice often to go hand in hand, reports Humanitas.

According to CBS figures for the prior year, slightly less than half of the Dutch population of 15 years of age or older at least one time per year as a volunteer. Most volunteer work is done at school or on the sports field. Also the support of probleemjeugd and adults who are hung is popular. And especially since the work is more complex and appear to have problems in a year to resolve, reports Humanitas Wednesday after research.

62 percent of the surveyed coordinators see such complex situations have become more frequent. “We are seeing more applications for which there is, for example, poverty plays, together with a lack of language proficiency, but also still a child with a diagnosis such as autism or ADHD in the house,” says stadscoördinator Henriette van der Meij of Humanitas Almere, the netherlands. “You should volunteer more and be more flexible.”


According to Humanitas coordinator Marrit van der Cough from Leeuwarden to the increase of applications, mainly with the society which more and more appeals to self-reliance of citizens. “If you have little own power and you are not able to help around you to mobilize, then problems can multiply. So vulnerable people becoming more vulnerable,” says van der Cough.

A total of 69 percent of the coordinators feel that their volunteers are equipped to the more complex question to go. The rest of the volunteers has, according to them, the need for more training and guidance by the new situation.

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