The woman claims to be a C-section, complications, causes daughter’s facial scar: “I’m afraid of what the future may hold for her

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A british mother claims doctors cut her daughter’s face with a scalpel while performing an emergency cesarean section (c-section), and the abandonment of her baby being born with a permanent facial scar.

Speaking to the news source SWNS, Amber Woollard, 23, said she needed a C-section after 72 hours of labor. As soon as her daughter was, next to that of his birth, and she said that she was told that it was a young girl who had a “facial deformity,” which included a 2 inch laceration under her nose. Doctors have reportedly told Woollard the crack was detected in the mother’s womb, claiming that it was a result of her daughter’s position.

Amber Woollard, the baby is valencia close to man with the scar to be visible from under her nose.


Woollard, delivered her daughter at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital in march of last year, according to SWNS.

For the first time, the mother argues, however, that it is both a midwife at the hospital and a plastic surgeon told her the injuries could not have been caused in the mother’s womb, and that is most likely to be the result of an accident during the C-section.

Amber Woollard, the baby of valencia, who, a short time after the birth. (SWNS)

Woollard added her daughter as a result of “serious negligence” by the National Health Service (NHS) in the uk, the country’s national health care system.

“In order to see whether your baby’s injuries, on its face, it is really annoying,” she said. “And I love her no matter what, but I’m a bit worried about what the future may hold for her.”

In a statement to Fox News, the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital, apologized for “not [Woollard’s] expectations”, but said that her daughter’s facial injuries were “very, very unlikely to have been caused by the use of a scalpel during the c-section.”

Amber Woollard, with her baby in Valenci. (SWNS)

“We would like to reiterate our sincere apologies to Mrs Woollard, for it does not live up to its expectations, and the suffering it causes, after giving birth to her daughter,” the hospital statement said. “The maternity department at NNUH is committed to providing a high standard of care at all times and we take all complaints seriously and in order to see what lessons can be learned for the improvement of the future of health care. We are very sorry that her daughter was born, and with it the signs of facial trauma, and we have to explain to Mrs Woollard is why we believe that, in the face of brands that were highly unlikely to have been caused by the use of a scalpel during the c-section. We would be happy to talk to Mrs Woollard, more if they have any questions or concerns you may have.”

Fetal lacerations are not unheard of. Of the approximately 3000 births by C-section, was accidental fetal lacerations occurred approximately 97 times, according to a survey carried out in 2004 which pointed out to the general rate of accidental fetal laceration per cesarean delivery was 3.12 per cent.

“Fetal lacerations birth injuries that can occur during a cesarean section (C-section delivery, usually as a result of erroneous procedures done by medical professionals during childbirth,” Birth Injury Guide is given. “The cuts are caused by nicks and cuts from scalpels, forceps, and other instruments used by doctors during the process of surgically assisted deliveries. These cracks are usually minor and easily treated in the delivery room, but in some cases, they can be deep and may require stitches or reconstructive surgery.”

Amber Woollard, the baby is valencia close to man. (SWNS)


Woollard, told SWNS she is worried that her daughter will one day be ridiculed in front of her face without leaving a scar.

“I’m afraid she wouldn’t be able to start school with the other kids,” she said. “People would ask, what is wrong with her face, and that’s really sad.”

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