The witnesses to confirm during the hearing that He Ukraine, is under pressure to put

The first public hearing of the inquiry into the removal of the U.s. president when He takes the Wednesday spot. As of 16: 00 local time, the hearing can be followed live.

[THE LIVEBLOG IS CLOSED] Hi, my name is Matthijs le Loux, and in this liveblog I’m in love with you, at the height of the first public hearing of the inquiry into the removal of the Us president, Donald Trump.

  • Research about a controversial phone call between He and the Ukrainian president Zelensky.
  • He would have his Ukrainian opposite number under pressure and have taken it for their own political gain.
  • The investigating committees of the House have been more involved behind-closed-doors interview.
  • The acting ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor and a top level, George Kent, department of the ministry of Foreign Affairs as witnesses.

If you have any questions? Please send them to I will try my best to do as much as possible to answer your question.on Wednesday, at 21:53De movement of the Conaway – for the whistleblower to sue – the Democrats are off the table. Thus, the hearing today is to formally come to an end.

Thank you for your attention. We will arrive on Friday for the hearing, Marie Yovanovitch, former ambassador to Ukraine. This liveblog is now closed. Have a great evening together!on Wednesday, at 21:43Hearing afzettingsonderzoek Trump: for the most momentenwoensdag 21:42the first public hearing of the afzettingsonderzoek to the American president when He is not at the end. Taylor, Kent, are to be thanked for services rendered and turned away. It’s going to be a vote of the Republican state representative Mike Conaway, who is the bell ringer will be struck. It is not likely that it will have to be adopted.

The witnesses from whom we heard today, were William Taylor, the acting ambassador in the Ukraine, and the George Kent top level of the ministry of Foreign Affairs, responsible for Ukraine. In the first part of the hearing, which contained much more of a spectacle than it is a sequel.

The opening statement by Taylor that brought out the revelation that one of its employees, it would have to monitored, both by a phone conversation between EU ambassador to the Gordon Sondland and the president’s Home, shortly after a meeting between the latter and the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky. He would Sondland have been asked to “investigate”. Taylor also said Sondland and told him that He is more to consider to Offer” handed over to Ukraine.

Well, Taylor, as Has confirmed what they have, last month, also said during the interview behind closed doors that the White House is a schaduwbeleid in respect of Ukraine is carried out outside of the regular channels are all about, and it was directed by the Trumps ‘ personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani-who has no official role in the government. The schaduwbeleid seemed to be the first in-sync with the regular Oekraïnebeleid of the united states department of state, but woke up with the two witnesses, when it had become clear that Giuliani, Ukraine is pressured in order to examine the political rivals of the Home to announce it. It would be the Ukrainian’s desire for a White House meeting between He and Zelensky, and a total of nearly $ 400 million in military assistance, as pressiemiddelen be used.

The Republicans, who are a minority within the inlichtingencomité it, not with the defense that they have, in the past few weeks have been. They argue that Taylor and I Know all of their knowledge from second or third hand and have not have met with Trump. There was also no evidence of a quid pro quo between He and Zelensky, they say, because that Zelensky was announced by the by, He desired to examine, never to the military for help and was eventually freed.

It’s likely that the Democrats at the next public hearing of the space and give it to the witnesses, such as Alexander Vindman, a high-ranking soldier, who, however, meeluisterde during a phone call between He and Zelensky, and thus the main reason for the afzettingsonderzoek years.on Wednesday, at 21:25Democraat Sean Patrick Maloney asked a question that referred to seemed to be to highlight the fact that it comes as no surprise that Taylor, nor is there are a lot of direct contact with He and his government have had. Maloney asked Taylor to post a message to the minister of Foreign Affairs), Mike Pompeo, sent it to are complaining about a freeze of military aid to Ukraine.

Taylor responded by saying that this is the only time in his long official career, was that he was a message directly to the American ministry of Foreign Affairs sent out.on Wednesday, at 21:21Langs of the lines is not only the press talk about what happened at the hearing, it is said, but how it’s said – particularly about how the name of the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev, it must be said. Choose-matt or Kief?

Apparently you are saying the Russians first and Ukrainians second.

Russians pronounce it KEY-case (Most Americans, and learned the pronunciation in the Soviet era.)
Ukrainians pronounce it KEEV.
“It’s a matter of Ukrainian patriotism to reject the Russian pronunciation.

AvatarAuteurMieke EoyangMoment of plaatsen16:49 pm – november 13, 2019woensdag 21:10Republikein Jim Jordan will still be the word. He used his time to return to the press for the disclosure of the identity of the whistleblower and to hear from him or her, during a similar hearing.

Jordan is just like all of his Republican colleagues, to do so completely ignores the fact that the contents of the complaint, the whistleblower has now been confirmed by several witnesses, whose identities are well known.

Democrat Peter Welch to respond to the second, the best oneliner of the night after that, and George Knows: “I welcome the idea of my co-workers that the person with whom it all began the need to come here to testify to that. There is a chair, which president’s Home can have a seat if he wants it.” The laughter from the audience (but only to the other Democrats).on Wednesday, at 21:01Waarschijnlijk we have to deal with in the last half-hour of the hearing, unless the Ship is still a surprising plan.Wednesday, 20:59John Ratcliffe, the recent Republican and five minutes for questions. There are a lot of Democrats who are waiting for their turn. Ratcliffe used to be a time to inlichtingencomitévoorzitter Adam Schiff to ask him what he knew about the complaint from the whistleblower, and when he knew it.

The ship whistle him back and said, “This is not a question that the witness is pointing at. It is not permissible for the chairman is now required. Mr. Ratcliffe, your time is ticking away, so I assume that you are using.”

Ratcliffe gives his own part. He has his goal may have been reached: allegations made manifest to the eyes of millions of toekijkende Us.on Wednesday, at 20:56Niet only the Republicans but also the Democrats do have a Taylor, and Has asked if He has been guilty of conduct that is an impeachment procedure would justify. Be careful on the plane. “I’m here as a mere witness under subpoena,” said Kent, just after being asked a question.on Wednesday, at 20:46Witte House spokesperson Stephanie Grisham echoes today’s often-heard argument is that Taylor and I Know not directly involved in the matters that they report on.

Swalwell calls Taylor and I Know in the meantime, or they don’t Trumpers’ – the name of the Republican camp, carrièreambtenaren that He is active, would work at cross purposes. She answers both in the negative.

Rep Turner rightly points out that the first 2 “star” witnesses in this impeachment sham have never even spoken to @POTUS. Think about that: in a Presidential impeachment hearing, the ms witnesses have never even spoken w the President’s Home. This country deserves so much better.

AvatarAuteurStephanie GrishamMoment of plaatsen20:06 am – november 13, 2019woensdag 20:38Aha, that is, the Californiaanse as a Democrat, Eric Swalwell, with precisely that argument to the court. He was referring to a press-conference in which deputy White House chief of staff Mulvaney acknowledged that there had been a quid pro quo, but this statement later in the day, terugnam.on Wednesday, at 20:37Opvallend is that Democrats so far have not brought up against the Republican establishment that the Taylor nor to Know immediately He was informed about the Oekraïnekwestie. They might be able to argue that it is the people who are directly involved in the process, such as the minister of Foreign Affairs), Mike Pompeo, acting stafcheck Mick Mulvaney and the national security adviser to John Bolton, the White House, it will not be allowed to testify.on Wednesday, at 20:33Als this event something to make it clear, it is the deep political division. That will be a decisive factor, because impeachment is not a legal but a political process. It seems to be not so much a matter of turning to the contents of the statements made by Taylor and Kent, and of the other witnesses, but the facts on which the statements are to be interpreted.

The Democrats claim that He is the Ukrainian government is obviously under pressure to put its own political purposes. The Republican party is denying outright that there was such a drukcampagne, as to the alleged exchange of services never took place. It doesn’t look like some of the things we’ve heard today changes that will bring.on Wednesday, at 20:30George Know that today it is clearly less prominent than William Taylor, was just like any of them laughing at his hand. At the request of a Democratic representative as to why some of the Ukrainian politicians have insisted on the departure of Marie Yovanovitch, the ambassador, who, in may, the U.s. government, out of its function has been set, he said: “there are no real policies to promote, without the corrupt people have got to do.”on Wednesday, at 20:25, The Republican representative, Jim Jordan (r.) pulled hard, made of leather against Taylor, you Know. It was precisely for that purpose, be installed as a temporary member of the inlichtingencomité.on Wednesday, at 20:22Inlichtingencomitévoorzitter the Ship takes up the question of whether the president Zelensky found out that he was under pressure. Zelensky is denying that. Schiff asks if Taylor is still worried that the Ukraine’s president is forced out, it was the investigation of the range of plant and Ukraine’s verkiezingsinmenging to announce it, even if the military aid was released.

“Yes, yes, I thought this would be a bad idea, it would be,” replied Taylor. “I just wanted to make sure that it is a public service announcement] wouldn’t happen, so I’ve spoken about it with Zelensky’s staff.”on 20:the 18th Republican state representative Mike Turner is adamant that Taylor and I Know there is no direct contact with the president and He have been around in the Oekraïnekwestie. Thus, he followed the line of his followers, today, have, with varying degrees of success. The curse will get stronger out of the corner than many of its peers. The statements made by Taylor and Kent, are based on gossip and opinion, ” he said.

What is remarkable is that Turner is at the end of september, strong criticism He brought about a partial transcript of a telephone conversation with Zelensky. “I want to be president He will say that this is not good”, he said. “I think the American public is disappointed, as this transcript reads.”on 20:02Rudy Giuliani’s personal lawyer, He, who according to the witnesses, played a major role in the parallel foreign policy out of the White House, and has been for a CNN news reporter, said: “I don’t have anything wrong. It was given to me in november of 2018 and requested an alternative explanation to be explored, and I did some research and found the proof. If they are just patient, it would wait until all the facts are exposed, they will have to see what the truth is.”on 19:58Taylor ruled earlier that the sneer, the Republican representative, Jim Jordan, is that he is the stergetuige of the Democratic party have proposed.

“I don’t think of myself as a stergetuige it for what it is”, answered Taylor. “I’m not here to take sides.”

Taylor: “I don’t consider myself a star witness for anything. I’m not here to take one side or the other

AvatarAuteurCBS NewsMoment of plaatsen19:48 pm – november 13, 2019woensdag:19: 56Mike Conaway, a Republican representative from Texas, will give his five minutes to speak, immediately, to John Ratcliffe, who is known as one of the best interrogators within the party. The move, in a statement made by the Ukrainian president, who has said, ” there is no question of pressure or blackmail during a phone call between him and Home. He would not even have been aware of the frozen military aid.

Zelensky said that in a statement, and repeated it in the presence of a large number of national and international media.

“Do you have any proof of that, Zelensky this dialogue?”, he asked.
“I have no reason to believe that the president is lying,” adds Taylor.
Ratcliffe: “What, then, is the afzettingswaardige issue in this conversation?”
“We are not here to make decisions about dismissal”, around, Taylor, is also speaking out for George’s Familiar with. “That’s your job.”on 19:49Zoals are expected to do to Jordan what he is been put in, and he pulls very hard to the leather at each other. He was talking very fast, makes all the witness to the question. The point is: there was no quid pro quo, because there is no exchange took place.

It goes on to Jordan, however, ignores the fact that the military assistance to Ukraine is only made available when the senators from both parties at the White House to complain about the issue and were threatened with new legislation in order to fight.

The State representative emphasises, again, that Taylor is not meeluisterde with a phone call between He and Zelensky, and not with the Ukrainian president, was speaking about the demands of a Home, and a lot of others have been heard. “And this is their stergetuige'”, does he and the Democratic party.

Taylor remains calm under the barrage of the Jordan. He smiled, even courteously. Clearly, this is not the first time during his half-century in public service, he shall be brought to account.on Wednesday at 19:42Jordan said that the Ukrainian president and Zelensky will never be an investigation of the range of plant, or an energy company Burisma announced it. He asks Taylor how it can be that he “clearly understood”, was that a meeting at the White House, as well as military assistance to Ukraine, depending on an announcement, when it eventually never came, and the assistance was released.on Wednesday at 19:39Nunes gave the floor to Jim’s Home. Which is known as one of the fiercest defenders of the Home. He was taken by the Republicans in the inlichtingencomité so that he could attend to. One of his followers, had to temporarily yield.on Wednesday at 19:37Schiff it was not five minutes with the word, but in a matter of seven minutes and ten seconds. He gives Devin Nunes, just as long as you have the time.on Wednesday at 19:36Schiff is in the first five minutes. He is trying to have the hearing immediately, to the allegations relating to the elections of the next year, to get away from the vague questioning by the State attorney on that in 2016.Wednesday:19: 30am the time of the Nunes – and, as such, of Release – there’s going to be on it. The members of the inlichtingencomité, twelve Democrats and eight Republicans, will get five minutes each to ask questions.on Wednesday at 19:26Castor is focused on ensuring that Taylor is said to have been developed about the “irregular channel”, the efforts of Rudy Giuliani, Oekraïnegezant the Former EU-ambassador, Sondland. He made sure ever made it to the men in question, he asked Taylor. The top japanese diplomat said that his concern only arose when it became clear that the targets of the irregular channel, and the official foreign policy is not the same. “I was concerned about the statements made by Rudy Giuliani as well as his involvement in the Oekraïnebeleid, I see,” said Taylor. That is to ensure he shared with the man next to him is George Kent.on Wednesday, at 19:21 the differences between the reporting of the hearing held by the pro-government and not pro-government party, are clearly visible. Fox News, the favorite station of the president, He suggests, that the hearing is a little extraordinary, has been successful, as the media is on the other side of the spectrum is the right lot to unpack in the new revelations in the case of William Taylor.

fox’s graphic for bill taylor, united states. msnbc’s graphics
you already know how this is gonna play out

AvatarAuteurDanielle MisiakMoment of plaatsen17:07 am – november 13, 2019woensdag:19: 18– How does it work impeachmentprocedure again? Fresh in your memory.on Wednesday at 19:16Castor allows the two witnesses to all manner of detailed questions about Hunter Biden and his work for the energy company Burisma in the Ukraine. He asked them, among other things, whether the high salary is on Offer ($50,000) per month, according to Castor) is not clear. William Taylor obviously doesn’t know how he should react to it and to issue an opinion to give. Release will send it to Joe Biden, who called for the resignation of a controversial Ukrainian prosecutor’s office. He is clearly a connection between these efforts and the Hunter.on Wednesday, at 19:11, Republicans have to put for now all we can in order to maintain the focus to shift to the alleged verkiezingsinmenging of government in 2016. It’s not at all about the accusation that He is the Ukrainians trying to catch up with the election in 2020, and to interfere in the matter in which the impeachmentprocedure is all about.on Wednesday at 19:09Castor asked Taylor to explain why he, as a deputy ambassador in the Ukraine, which is not meeluisterde with a phone call between He and Zelensky. The answer for each other, which is confirmed through it, is a red paper on the role and responsibilities of an ambassador. The interaction between Castor and Taylor, gradients, and a lot stiffer than in the previous survey by the Democratic lawyer. Castor appears to be subject to the branch to get the two witnesses to look at him, usually a little wild when he has a question.on Wednesday at 19:01Nunes will give the floor to legal counsel Steve Castor, who is asking for the Republican party. Castor starts with Taylor to ask him if he understands that as president He is in, the assumption was that “certain elements” within the Ukrainian government “to supply him with had. Chairman of the Ship and grabs, and the Democrats are the factual correctness of the Castors of the words in the question. The website can rely on a State of indignation in the hall.

Taylor is refusing to move to the head of the Home. “I don’t know,” he said several times. He doesn’t seem to understand that Castor and his request is going to go. It would seem that the State law ground for the State’s argument that the Taylor, in a lot of cases from second-or third-hand. The implication is this: if he is not in the head, He move, how does he / she know what the intent of the Home in relation to Ukraine, as he is not the president, has the answer.on Wednesday at 18:53Nunes seems to be rather a public statement to the witness to ask any questions. He repeats many of the different aspects of the theory that the Ukraine has tried to Trump it during the campaign, in 2016, at work, and asks Taylor to confirm whether he has issues or not. These things have nothing to do with the statement made by Taylor made.on Wednesday at 18:50Nunes to repeat, the theory is that Ukraine, in 2016, the American policy was. If that’s the case, it had to be Home for a very good reason for insisting on the investigation, ” he said. And, because of the alleged intervention was addressed at the Trump campaign, it was obvious that he had his own personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, ordered the information about the collection.on Wednesday at 18:48We are going on. The word is, in Devin Nunes, the highest-ranking Republican in the inlichtingencomité. It starts with the “pleasant” phone conversation between Trump and Zelensky on the 25th of July, can be described as a very common example of this is a dialogue between the two governments. On the basis of a partial transcript by the White House, has been released, it can be concluded that there was no quid pro quo, according to Nunes.
on Wednesday at 18:44Sommige restaurants around the Capitol building to play a very useful to the political situation. Several business offer signature cocktails, such as the “subpoena colada” to it.

Available at 11:00AM

AvatarAuteurCapitol LoungeMoment of plaatsen16:12 – 13 november 2019woensdag 18:38De a pause of five minutes, and more than a quarter of an hour. It’s not that uncommon.on Wednesday at 18:37a quick glance at the Twitter feed, He does it again, the presumption is that the president is a little more intense with all the things in the House, owns his spokesman said earlier today, the alleged. The president, who has in the past not one but two new campagnevideo’s place: an attack on the impeachmentproces, and in a broader attack on the Democratic party.

He does, however, have a different activity on it today: he is in the process of receiving the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the White House. Of course, the impeachmentprocedure be done by asking those reporters to show him around, that meeting set up.

“It’s a witch hunt, it has to be a hoax. I’ve been too busy to look at it. I’m not talking about gebriefd,” said the president, who immediately added, “They use lawyers and televisiejuristen it.”

AvatarAuteurDonald J. TrumpMoment of plaatsen17:50 pm – november 13, 2019woensdag 18:34De the Republican leader in the House, Kevin McCarthy, another aspect of the Republican strategy is to see it on Fox News, criticized the lawsuit.

He denounces the decision of the Democratic majority of the events do not have to call for them to come and bear witness to this. The same is true for Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden for the Ukrainian energy company Burisma has worked. In addition, the representatives of the president of today does not exist, and inlichtingencomitévoorzitter Adam Schiff pulled the strings, according to McCarthy.

On the second kritiekpunt: is there a role for lawyers at Home during the follow-up phase of the impeachmentproces in the House, where the justitiecomité focusing on the question of whether there are complaints against the Home have to be made and, if so, how it should sound.

This 👏 is 👏 a 👏 sham 👏
→ The Democrats are refusing access to important witnesses.
→ “The President’s legal counsel, it is not allowed in the room.
→ Chairman of Adam (the Ship controls everything.

AvatarAuteurKevin McCarthyMoment of plaatsen14:49 pm – november 13, 2019woensdag 18:29Het the most significant moment so far: to the disclosure, for each one of his employees had heard how the president of He EU’s ambassador to Sondland, on the phone, did not know how it is with the ‘investigation’ was, after Sondland was met with the Ukrainian president and Zelensky.

NEW: Taylor discloses that his staff overheard phone call in which He asked Sondland about investigations into the range of plant in Years
Taylor’s staff member says Sondland told them that “He cares more about the investigation into the range of plant than anything else, I can’t, Ukraine

AvatarAuteurAaron RuparMoment of plaatsen17:36 on november 13th, 2019woensdag 18:27De the American media were divided on the testimony of a Home. Critical commentators have praised the clarity of the experience. Especially,, William Taylor, and has proved to be a powerful witness, which is a very damaging story about how the American president is setting out to find it. To the right-hand side is the Republican defense strategy will be followed.

The big question remains of whether the public hearings for the regular American to be able to convince you.on Wednesday at 18:24Schiff at the end of the first block of 45 minutes to come. There is now a break of five minutes.on Wednesday at 18:24a a Democratic strategy, it is now also evident in the questioning of witnesses by legal counsel to the Goldman. Now it’s on to the conspiracy theory that it is not the Russians but the Ukrainians are behind the interference in the presidential election of 2016, and sat down. This theory has been spread by He and his family – including his attorney, Rudy Giuliani. The Republican party should be the theory as an important justification for the efforts of Giuliani, in the Ukraine. The Us intelligence agencies and the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, and concluded that the interference is indeed coming from russia.on Wednesday at 18:21Trump, according to Taylor, “I get the feeling that he was adversely affected by the Ukrainians, and that it is the study of the range of plant, ed.). there was something to what they were to blame”.on Wednesday at 18:19Waar, the Republicans will have the two witnesses will be able to attack? That is, it is not difficult to predict: the White House and the Republican y have, in the past few days, not a secret and made it part of their business strategy. They stress that a lot of the information from the statements of Taylor’s and it Has come at second-or third-hand.Wednesday-18:17Washington Post reporter Toluse Olorunnipa noted that the disclosure of the telephone conversation between He and Sondland, the statement of the EU-member accounts. Sondland said that he was not aware of He required to investigate the range of plant and Ukraine’s verkiezingsinmenging when he was on the 26th of July, a meeting with the president of Zelensky. The conversation with He, in which the president would be informed to “try it out, it would have to be served after the meeting. There, said Sondland anything about it.

The EU ambassador was the first to witness behind the closed doors was heard. After that, other elements of the testimony by other witnesses, were objected to, mix and Sondland, who have already been to.

Sondland said He didn’t mention anything about investigations or range of plant during a short phone call, before his meeting with Zelensky on July 26.
He didn’t mention the post-meeting call is referenced by a Taylor ” s staff, in which He allegedly brought up the “investigation.”

AvatarAuteurToluse OlorunnipaMoment of plaatsen18:09 – november 13, 2019woensdag 18:10President He was placed at the hearing on Twitter, a video in which he and the Democrats blame the “greatest deception in the history of the U.S. to make a living. “They want your guns, health, health care, courts, and voting to decrease. And I won’t let that happen again.”

“They’re trying to stop me, because I’m fighting for you. And I’ll never let that happen.” President @realDonaldTrump

AvatarAuteurThe White HouseMoment of plaatsen17:56 am – november 13, 2019woensdag 18:04Als president Zelensky “the goods are not available to the public, it would clear up, we have a bit of a mess,” said an EU ambassador, Sondland against him, according to Taylor. Sondland and began to explain that there is no evidence of a quid pro quo, but Taylor understood that. Sondland said that He was a businessman. And if a business man is something to be guilty, then that person must first be a check to sign before the business is prepared to go.Back to top

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