The winner of Expedition Robinson, by 2019, it is well-known

The finale of the twentieth season of Expedition Robinson, 2019, won the Hugo and Knowledge. The chef and presenter, loved the dj and tv presenter, Eva Cleven, and pop singer Shary-An Nivillac behind him.

The live final of the survivalprogramma took place Sunday in the Werkspoorkathedraal in Utrecht, the netherlands and was attended by two thousand fans.

The finals ended in a shoot-out between Clive and the Knowledge that, because of the bad weather, the next day, after the original finale was to take place. This was the first time in the twenty-four editions of the program.

Hugo’s Knowledge, right after that, he will be the winner. (Foto: BrunoPress)

RTL shows the finaledeelnemers by accident

Nicolette Kluijver, and a former participant, And Gorgels, a, the twentieth season of Expedition Robinson. Gorgels started the season with the presentation by Dennis Weening.

On the 8th of december, showed the RTL is due to an error before the last broadcast of Expedition Robinson, which of the participants in the final of the programme had been achieved. In spite of strong criticism on social media, it was the particular delivery of 1.6 million people have viewed it.

The earlier drop-outs of the Expedition, Robinson, had in this year in, among others, a radio dj, Frank van der Lende, host Rob Geus, the singer and ex-Dolly Dot, Anita Heilker, YouTuber Calvin, and lead singer Thomas Berge.

In Expedition Robinson, to try well-known Dutch people have to survive on a deserted island. Every week, there is a person, after a number of games, and a stemmingsronde. In 2018, won the farmer of Jan Bronninkreef the last episode of the program.

Unknown to the Belgians, and the Dutch against each other,

On the 23rd of January, sends the Video in a new series Expedition Robinson from the. In this edition of the take the unknown from the netherlands and belgium will fight it out.

Expeditie Robinson (NL, us, Be, be, by Geraldine Kemper, and In the Cane will be presented.

310Spellenmaker Robinson: ‘it Seems sometimes, whether it is for a Broadcaster Max” create

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