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There will be next season’s final in a national competition for players under the age of 21. The Dutch fa (KNVB) on Monday agreed at the bondsvergadering.

The Dutch fa (KNVB) wants to be the new beloftencompetitie, the flow of talent to the first teams are easier to make. How is the competition there, you’re going to see, in January, will be announced. The beloftenteams in the First Division and play for Young Ajax, Young, AZ, Jong PSV and Jong FC Utrecht to remain in the competition will be active.

The new league beloftenteams of professional clubs, and beloftenteams of a for-profit bodies which, by their current under-19 team playing in the Second Division, or even higher. There is also a high playing amateurploegen who do not qualify for the under 21-league competition for players under 23 years of age.

It is also possible to use the under 21 competition for promotion to the second division. Also, beloftenploegen out of the Second Division: demote, to which beloftencompetitie. The association had, in October, to know how to work on a competition for players under the age of 21. So did the BOARD, at the urging of the professional clubs.

Teams like Ajax and Jong PSV eindhoven continue to work in the Kitchen as the Champion of a Division. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

The development of the promises, was reduced to’

“Well, in the field of professional football as it is amateur, it is between the youth and the first team to be difficult for the players to get regular competitive matches to play in, and to, eventually, move from youth into the first team, to be able to make it,” he writes in the BOARD.

“During the phase In which the players do not (yet) be in the first team, and juniors were all there was, so far, not a good competition apart from the professional football teams that already have a team in the voetbalpiramide have. This is limited to the development of young players, and while the ambition is to develop an effective develop. With the creation of the under 21 and under-23 competitions is now on the same wavelength.”

The association has decided to take over the next three years, a phd, and degradatieregeling-to-use, between the First and Second divisions. “This is because, in the short-term, limited prospects for an agreement between the parties,” according to the association. Beloftenploegen can, however, promote or demote.

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