The widow of Chris Cornell sues Soundgarden, because it’s

The widow of Chris Cornell sues Soundgarden, because it’s

Vicky Cornell, the widow of the 2017 death of a singer of Chris Cornell, it is a court case started against the members of the band Soundgarden and their zakenmanager, reports TMZ on Monday. The band would be hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalty fees to try to keep up.

Cornell, the members of the band, Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, Ben Shepherd, and their zakenmanager Rit Venerus charged. According to the indictment “set it on a brazen way, to the hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties to do so, which, in fact, the family of the late singer would have to be respected.

Chris Cornell, singer of Soundgarden, passed away on may 18, 2017. Before his death, he took the remaining audio recording in his own studio in Florida. According to the filed lawsuit, these pictures are not the band’s intended to be, and that they were the exclusive property of Cornell university.

After the Cornells, death would have left Soundgarden members, have contacted his wife, Vicky, and because they are in the pictures and wanted to use it for a possible new album. They came to the agreement that the footage would be on the condition that it Has not informed it would be held in the albummarketing. Also, she wanted to be there for the album, with some of the ‘tried and trusted’ producer to work.

According to the complaint, has, Has not, however, have any influence on the recordings, and more. They are accused Soundgarden of them is that they have rights to the recordings, and have taken away from them, so that they are no royalty fees will be received. They find that it is the band’s abuse of its vulnerable status as a widow.

Soundgarden says it right in the recording

“It’s shocking how often this is happening. Not just for me, or for the widow of a rock star or a politician: it’s happening to almost all of the women who are losing their partner (…) Family members who have a heart of stone, friends, and business associates: outside of the vulnerability of a widow, if she is broken and alone”, says the widow of the late know on Instagram.

The lawyer of Soundgarden as a response to the complaint with a letter, in which it is stated that “all of the musical material, some or all of the members of Soundgarden, it is stored on a hard drive, is owned by Soundgarden”.

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