The WHO: ‘corona virus, it is still an international health emergency’

The world health organization (WHO), on Thursday, after a spoedberaad was decided that the new corona virus, as yet, not an international health crisis, it is because it is in this stage, it is still “too early” it is. Up to now, has been in China for eighteen of people with the virus have died, and 634 others to get infected.

There are very few cases outside of the borders of China, it is known to be an international health emergency, says WHO. There is still no sign of an infection from person-to-person outside of China. “It’s a state of emergency in China, but it is not a state of emergency in the rest of the world.”

Another reason why the WHO is not right for an international emergency call out it is found that only a quarter of the infected persons have severe symptoms was. Most of the fatalities also had other health problems.

WHO will take the time, however, to be serious, and keep the situation in mind. The organization is able to quickly gather and, if necessary, even within a few days. In their opinion, China has to be transparent, to stay in the country for the escape address, and the search for the source of the infection.

Two Chinese cities have been shut down

It has been since Thursday at 10.00 am (local time) to all forms of public transport and to the airport of Wuhan, where the virus is likely to occur, will be temporarily closed. A few hours later, it was the public life of buurtstad Huanggang stopped. The government is asking citizens, it is only in exceptional circumstances, to, or out of the city. In Wuhan, home to about eleven million people, and at Huanggang and seven million people.

On Saturday in China, the new year is celebrated in a traditional than a lot of people on a trip for my family. As In other Chinese cities have also taken measures to prevent the spread of the virus from entering the system. In the capital city of Beijing, some of the new year celebrations will be cancelled.

The Virus can be transmitted from person-to-person

On Monday China announced that the disease is also transmitted from human to human can be. In other countries outside of China are also a number of cases have been identified, including four in Thailand, one in the United States, one in Taiwan, one in Korea and one in Japan.

The virus may be respiratory problems as the cause of the simple common cold to more serious lung infections. The GOVERNMENT had on Tuesday to know that the risk of the disease in the Netherlands it appears the “free zero”, it is because, among other reasons, there are no direct flights from belgium to Wuhan to go.

86Hoe the mysterious corona virus is due to China’s spreading

Originated in the Chinese city of

Authorities suspect that this is a new form of corona virus has emerge in a market in Wuhan, where it is illegal to wild animals to be sold, but the source has not yet been found.

Other well-known coronavirussen are MERS and SARS. When the SARS epidemic occurred in 2002 and 2003, and almost eight hundred people, while thousands of people are infected. Also, SARS is, it is possible for creatures.

63China keeps a strict control at the airport, in Wuhan, in order to feline corona virus

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