The white House was quiet for the support of Ukraine’s 91-minute after-Zelensky-call

The White House, it was quiet with financial and military aid, to Ukraine, to 91 minutes, after the completion of the controversial telephone conversation between the president, Donald Trump president, Volodymyr Zelensky, was found on Sunday from a declassified government documents, which are subject to review by The Center For Public Integrity.

Among the documents is an email from Mike Duffey, a senior official in the White House, to be sent to the department of Defense (dod). Therein, he is responsible for the department is to “wait” to the proposed assistance to Ukraine. He added that for this to as few people as possible are told to be “due to the sensitive nature of this information.

The e-mail, at 11.04 pm sent. It was 91 minutes after the phone call between He and Zelensky. This is told Zelensky, the American president that Ukraine is “almost ready” to be more anti-tank missiles to the purchase.

He responded to the question, in order to, among others, the son of his political rival, Joe Biden, to investigate. “Well, do us a favor,” he said. The phone call that led last week to the impeachment of a Home, by the House of Representatives.

The e-mail (Video of: The Center for Public Integrity).

Democrats want a witness to hear the

Democrats set up the e-mail is able to demonstrate that the witnesses should be heard at the end of the afzettingsonderzoek in the Senate. Here are all the Republicans are against it, and it is they who determine the rules of the process.

Soon, the decision of the Senate, or is He really off the date for this is yet to be determined. It is highly unlikely that the president will be impeached, because the Senate is in the hands of many at Home to loyal Republicans.

55Huis of the Delegates to agree before the impeachment of a Home

People have been afraid to act, of any

The mail has caused a lot of tension at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and that the decision had to be run. In accordance with the law allows the White House was not without the authorisation of expenditure to stop that, the Congress has given its approval. The expenses had to be by the end of the fiscal year on september 30, have been done, which is as a result of the OMB increased.

The bureau is wrong in all sorts of corners in order to comply with the law and is used in a system of breaks throughout the day. Up to eight times to the same footnote is attached to the documents, in which the stopping assistance is a temporary measure, it was. The staff of the OMB, and others to lobbyden in the meantime we to get the financial backing to see it through and comply with the law. There have been meetings held, strategies have been drawn up, and members of the Trumps government have been addressed.

How does it react?

The spokesman for the OMB, leave a comment, know that it’s an e-mail from the Duffey out of context, writes BBC News.

“It is foolhardy to be putting a stop to the funds, and to connect it to the phone. As has been publicly adopted, it is stopping the aid, announced at an inter-departmental consultation on the 18th of July,” quotes the BBC. “To use a phrase from an e-mail to pick up and the context in which they do not participate, it is misleading and inaccurate,” she continues.

Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, said Duffey, in the Senate, have come to bear witness to this. “A high-ranking official, whom we have asked to testify, ed.). say, ninety minutes after He Zelensky and called, ” Stop the aid. And it says that it’s covered up it should be. What else do you need?”

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