The white House staff to testify in afzettingsonderzoek Home

A week of public hearings in the afzettingsonderzoek to be the U.s. president when He takes on Tuesday for the first time, employees and former employees of the White House for television cameras in the House of Representatives. Follow the developments here.

[THE LIVEBLOG IS CLOSED] Hi, welcome to this liveblog of the public hearings of the U.s. House of Representatives. My name is Matthijs le Loux. I will keep you informed of developments in relation to the afzettingsonderzoek to the president, Donald Trump.

There were two public hearings on the program. In the afternoon, we heard from colonel Alexander Vindman, the Oekraïneadviseur of the National Security council; and Jennifer Williams, a close associate of the vice president, and Mike Pence. Tonight it’s the turn of ireland to the Former, the special envoy to the Ukraine, and Timothy Morrison, a former top advisor for Europe and Russia at the National Security council.

  • Vindman, Williams and Morrison are heard in the contentious phone call between He and the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky on the 25th of July.
  • All of the witnesses were able to tell their story behind closed doors and been done.

If you have a question? Please send it to I will try my best to do you have to answer.LIVE: Ukraine’s envoy and a former top advisor to testify at the House of Afgevaardigdgisteren at 01:09 pm (THIS LIVEBLOG IS CLOSED]yesterday at 01:09 pmtop advisor, White House calls it the phone call Home, and Zelensky ‘ongepastdinsdag 23:46Pauze. Will the hearing proceed in blocks of five minutes of questioning by all the members of the inlichtingencomité. During the earlier hearings, as they came out of that stage, not a lot of new information out of it, so it might be a good time to get to our liveblog for today, but close.

Later, a story in which the main conclusions of the assessment, after a long and eventful day of public hearings into the afzettingsonderzoek to Donald Trump, will be summarized. Tomorrow we have to go back for a new set of witnesses, among whom the EU ambassador and the Gordon Sondland, which is used in the statements of the other witnesses was called.

For now, I would like to thank you for your attention. Have a fun night together!on Tuesday at 23:40Volker says, is to remember it, George Knows it, that the anonymous senior official at the ministry of Foreign Affairs, who last week testified, he was asked to “conspiracy theories” about the Ukraine, including those relating to verkiezingsinmenging in the united states. “And in my opinion, that if that sort of thing existed, why wouldn’t they investigate? I don’t think that they have to make it count.”

Also, Morrison said, something seems wrong. He will get a lawyer, Castor, the question of whether, during the telephone conversation on the 25th of July, something happened where he had to worry about it. “No,” said Morrison.

Why was the information about the call is saved on a extra secure server. He said that to have done so because of the receipt of that publication would be in the polarized political climate in Washington.

It is not clear whether this is also under the “make the call “fall”.on Tuesday at 23:32Het the White House has issued a statement, declaring that from the national security adviser to the vice president, and Mike Pence, lieutenant-general a.b.d. Keith Kellogg. The statement regarding the telephone call between He and Zelensky on the 25th of July.

“I heard about it during the interview, nothing that is wrong or inappropriate. I have had it and I don’t have to worry. Ms. Williams also listened to the conversation, and she said she was never notified of any of the personal or professional concerns with me, her immediate supervisor, about the conversation. She was never even notified of any of the personal or professional concerns with the other members of the staff of the vice president, the chief-of-staff, and the vice-president.”on Tuesday, at 23:25, Fred Mobach ask: When, in 1998, the impeachment procedure against president bill Clinton began, the markets were in turmoil. Now that the hot summer weather in the streets, while at Home to with is a sense of the world, getting exercise. Do you have an explanation for this?

Answer: Economists say that the market is at present mainly engaged in the trade war with China. The question is whether or not there is a new trade agreement that will come before mid-december, the new rates will come into force, that the conflict could get worse. The uncertainty about this leads to fluctuations in the market. Also, in the Brexit was one of the factors that the meaning.

The afzettingsonderzoek seems to be the thoughts of those on Wall Street, indeed, not to control them. That may be, say the analysts, if the Trumps chances of re-election really is in danger of being a radical, left-wing, Democratic candidates such as Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, a rise of.on Tuesday at 23:18Oekraïne had to be a’s image problem in the Oval Office. Shane Harris of The Washington Post in light of a quote from it. After Zelensky was elected, said He, that the Ukraine was filled with horrible people, “and that he believed Ukraine” is me trying to bring down’ in 2016, says He. He is tried, He shall ensure that Zelensky was different. “That’s not what I’m hearing about the Ukraine. I’ve heard that there is going to be changed. To talk to but with Them.'”

After Zelensky elected, He said, Ukraine filled with “terrible people” and believed Russia “tried to take me down in 2016, He says. He tried to persuade He Z it was different. “That’s not what I hear about Ukraine. I hear nothing has changed. Talk to Them.”

AvatarAuteurShane HarrisMoment of plaatsen23:07 am – november 19, 2019dinsdag 23:06Tim Morrison said before a meeting in september, which was attended by the vice-president is Mike Pence, and the Ukrainian president Zelensky. According to Morrison, took over the EU ambassador and Sondland, is the Ukrainian presidentsadviseur Andriy Yermak, after meeting for an interview. Later, he told me they had discussed it with the Missionaries. “The citizens of ukraine, the prosecutor-general for a declaration would be in respect of the examinations as a precondition for release of the [military] support.”

It is more than certain that Sondland morning, under the huge pressure it will stand.on Tuesday at 23:02De BBC’s bureau chief in the US, Paul Danahar, said, “Ambassador, He is trying to distance itself from the Trumps ask for the range of plant research. That it shall be the ambassador Sondland had to make a difficult choice as he is the future of the afzettingspanel is displayed. He links his fate to the president, and he is hoping that he will be protected, or to take it?”

Amb He is trying to distance himself from Trump’s request-to investigate the range of plant. It leaves Pub Sondland with a difficult decision when he appears before the impeachment trial tomorrow. Does he lash himself to the President, and the hope is he’ll be protected, or is cut loose?

AvatarAuteurPaul DanaharMoment of plaatsen22:41 pm – november 19, 2019dinsdag 22:58Het a block of 45 minutes, which is at the end of it. Now it’s your turn to Devin Nunes, the highest-ranking Republican member of the inlichtingencomité. He has offered his apologies to the audience ratings are very low. That’s not because of you, ” he tells the witness, “but the drugdeal that the Democratic party is up on the stage and on up, the American people will kick in”.

This is an eye-catching choice. Fiona Hill testified that her former boss, then-national security advisor to John Bolton, the works of Giuliani and his staff described as a “drugdeal”, in which he was far from the desire to.

Nunes gave the floor pretty quickly, to legal counsel Steve Castor.every Tuesday from 22:54Het will be interesting to see how the Republicans in their questioning of these two witnesses will be to address it. In contrast, Taylor and Kent, Yovanovitch, Vindman, and Williams, are Former, and the Missionaries there at the increasing demand of the Republican party. Their statements are, however, several points to be painful for the Home.Tuesday, 22:49it’s most striking moment during this hearing, up until now, the explanation which He gave in his earlier statement, can be reconciled with the statements of the witnesses that followed him.

He said when his relationship with Giuliani is not aware of a direct link between an energy company Burisma, and the range of plant, nor any connection between the announcement that investigations carried out by the citizens of ukraine and the frozen U.s. military aid.

Also, a meeting with a Ukrainian delegation at the White House in preparation for a possible visit of the president of Zelensky, had He some of the nuances explained to you. Fiona Hill, then managing director for Europe and Russia at the National Security council, and colonel Alexander Vindman, Ukraine, united kingdom consultant in the same institution, said that the former national security adviser John Bolton that the meeting was abruptly ended when the EU ambassador and the Gordon Sondland of the examinations had begun. He said there is nothing in the original statement.

“As I recall, was at the meeting, as well as the past, when the ambassador Sondland, a general note about the examinations he made,” he said. “I think that is inappropriate, the thought of it.”Tuesday, at 22:34

Tim Morrison said in his opening statement that he will not feel the blow, because of the afzettingsonderzoek. He says he is all by himself, to have decided to resign, to submit, and feared no retaliation because of his testimony in the House.

Morrison continues to insist that the USA, Ukraine, in support of, inter alia, in the war with pro-Russian rebels in the eastern part of the country as well as in the fight against corruption in the country. The deposition process leads to the attention of the Democrats and Republicans are working together behind the Ukraine should people, according to Morrison.

There Was, however, something goes wrong with the phone call between He and Zelensky? Morrison: “I was hoping for a more prominent statement of support for the president’s reform agenda of the president, Zelensky, in view of the enormous kiezersmandaat the party, Zelensky had just been given at the time of the elections.”

every Tuesday from 22:30an some of the text messages, which is the Former rather than researchers, gave.

Gordon Sondland: do we Want to still have it as a plain sketch with the 2016 Boresma [sic] for you.
Kurt Volker: That is clearly the message…

Kurt Volker: It should, in particular, attention needs to be given to the problem of interference in the political processes of the United States of america, and especially in view of the alleged involvement of some of the Ukrainian politicians. I would like to declare that this is unacceptable. We aim to be a transparent and unbiased investigation of all the facts, and the events will start and finish, which will help to avoid this problem in the future will occur.
Gordon Sondland: Perfect.
every Tuesday from 22:24Jurist Goldman’s questioning He is about two text messages that he has sent one to the EU, ambassador Gordon Sondland, and one of Andriy Yermak, top advisor of the president of Zelensky. Goldman shows him to be the messages are read to you.

That Yermak was as follows: “Heard the White House believed that the president of Z, He will convince, he will be investigating ‘to get to the bottom you will find out what is happening in 2016, we will set a date for a visit to Washington to nail down”every Tuesday from 22:14Adam the Ship has started on its “question time” of 45 minutes each. Attorney Dan Goldman will be for him to answer. Then it was the turn of the highest-ranking Republican in the inlichtingencomité, Devin Nunes, the Republican attorney Steve Castor.every Tuesday from 22:13a a striking quote by the Former on the theory that in Ukraine, in 2016, is guilty of meddling in the American presidential election, which is being circulated by the Republican party. “When it comes to the accusations against him, I emphasized that no one in the team, that Ukraine is ruled and had something to do with something that is in 2016, it would have happened. They had a tv show at the time.”

That relates to the history of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky. Prior to his political career began, and he was well-known as an actor in Ukraine’s comedyserie, a Servant of the People, as a teacher, which is unexpected as the president of Ukraine.every Tuesday from 22:08Volker acknowledges that he / she is the Burisma research “or” I need to see it. He says that he has Joe Biden been a long time knows Biden is an “honorable man” and that he absolutely does not believe that the former vice president has engaged in corrupt acts with regard to Ukraine.every Tuesday from 22:06Volker is a revision of his earlier statement made behind closed doors. He said that he was not aware of any quid pro quo with regard to military aid. According to the Former was Home to the ministry of Foreign Affairs to deal with, to hear about the latest developments in Ukraine, Rudy Giuliani are all very negative things said about the country and its new president, Zelensky.

The diplomat said only later to realize that they have come and that there will be a link included in any investigation of an energy company Burisma, Joe Biden and his son Hunter. “I was not aware of a reference to vice president Biden, or his son, by the president’s Home, until the transcript of the telephone conversation, it was released on the 25th september, 2019.”

He says he doesn’t know is that He, or others, with the Ukrainians over the range of plant had been. “In retrospect I see that others have the idea as to possible corruption in which the Ukrainian company Burisma was thought of as similar to an investigation of former vice president Biden.”every Tuesday from 22:00Tim Morrison highlighted in his opening statement that he does not intend to, it is the judgment of his former colleagues at the National Security council, is in doubt. That’s interesting, because it is behind closed doors did Morrison’s all this about, colonel Alexander Vindman, who earlier today testified to. The White House, and hold that in order to Vindman on Twitter to attack it.

Morrison also spoke briefly about the whistleblower, with whom the complaint is about the telephone conversation on the 25th of July, this is afzettingsonderzoek, and whose identities as the Republicans love to be revealed to see. “I don’t know who the whistleblower is, or am I going to speculate as to who this individual might have been,” he said.

Regarding the alleged phone call between He and Zelensky: “As in the declaration mentioned, was, I was, at the time of the phone call on the 25th of July, worried about how the disclosure would occur, given the political climate in Washington”on Tuesday at 21:53CNN reports based on sources within the Republican y, the Republican party is most concerned about the testimony of the EU’s ambassador to the Gordon Sondland, who on Wednesday will appear. They might be afraid that he is up against He will. Sondland and paste of his statement behind closed doors before any other witnesses to these ondergroeven.

Based on the other testimonials, it seems that the Sondland, personally, of that He had heard that the military aid was conditional upon notice of want to investigate. That would be the first time that someone is He there to connect with. The top highlight at the public hearings, that such a link, as yet missing.every Tuesday from 21:50″At no time was I aware of it, or did I knowingly participated in an attempt to get the Ukraine to track down the former vice president Biden, to examine,” says He, in his opening statement.on Tuesday, at 21:48 inWhom it is Timothy Morrison?

Tim Morrison was a twenty-year-long member of the Republican party in the Congress. He was the director of the countering weapons of mass destruction at the National Security council. Following the departure of Fiona Hill, who on Thursday will bear witness to, he took her on as a top advisor for Russia and for Europe. The missionaries, as well as the Former, has now moved on.

What will be Morrison’s most likely to say?

Especially as the Republicans would like for him to hear. Morrison’s is directly in front of the party’s work and Home-loyalist. He has, behind closed doors, said that it is nothing illegal had heard when he was meeluisterde with a phone call on the 25th of July.

The Democrats are hoping that the Missionaries, nevertheless, you will acknowledge that Ukraine is close to 400 million dollars in military aid has been withheld as a means of exerting pressure in order to investigate Trumps rivals announced that they are getting.on Tuesday, at 21:36 inWhom it is Kurt Volker?

He was the first of the “three amigo’s” in the public to prove it. That was part of the group, consisting of him, the EU’s ambassador to the Gordon Sondland and the secretary of Energy, Rick Perry. Which was the personal attorney of a Trump, Rudy Giuliani, to conduct “a schaduwbeleid,” in regard to Ukraine, that is, outside of the formal channels are concerned.

The result was the deputy director for European and Eurasian Affairs at the National Security council and was later appointed an ambassador to NATO. After a trip to the world of business he was in until 2017 under the He was appointed a special envoy to Ukraine. He explained that position at the end of september, down.

So what we are likely to be of the Former’s religion.

The Democrats and the Republicans each have different expectations and needs. The defenders of the Home are hoping that He can help the president is free to call. During the private hearing, he indicated that he had no quid pro quo (‘what, what’ had seen in the Trumps of arrangement vis à vis Ukraine.

Of documents, including text messages, that is, by the Former of the investigators have been handed over according to the Democrats, however, that He was informed about it by the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, where a is the son of Joe Biden to work. That is, it is in conflict with what he was about, said.

He was also a consultant Zelensky: “Heard the White House believed that president Z, He will convince, he will be investigating ‘to get to the bottom you will find out what is happening in 2016, we will set a date for a visit to Washington to nail down”.on Tuesday, at 21:29We’re back from the start. Chairman of the Ship to speak.on Tuesday, at 21:26Williams had a similar question. Her answer: “On the 25th of July, together with a number of my colleagues, I was listening in to a telephone conversation between the president’s Home, as well as president Zelensky, the contents of which ever since the public became aware. For the 25th of July, I participated in about a dozen other presidential phone calls. During my time in the hearing was behind closed doors, and asked the members of the committee my personal views, and if I have any concerns it had about the phone call on the 25th of July. Like I said, I thought the call was on the 25th of July is unusual because, unlike other presidential phone calls that I had been observed, was spoken all over what is a domestic political issue like this before.”on Tuesday, at 21:21let’s go back to what the Democrats are at the core of the study is: did He abuse the power of government in order to explore and to open up to his political rivals, and called it by a foreign power to interfere in American domestic politics?

Inlichtingencomitévoorzitter Adam Schiff asked Vindman, earlier today, the phone call between He and the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky on the 25th of July. What was he even in it?

Vindman: President, as I mentioned in my statement, though, said it was inappropriate, it was not true that the president is requested – demanded – that an investigation should be done to a political opponent. Especially by a foreign power, which, at the very least, doubt exists as to the question of whether a third-party research, and the significant impact it would have, if it is in the public domain, and should be seen as a political move, and so forth Oekraïnebeleid as well as our national security, would undermine it.”on Tuesday at 21:10Republikeinse commentators focus on one of the cornerstones of their defense strategy is that none of the witnesses we have so far, I have met with, has He ever met with or more face-to-face with him on the Ukraine, normally.

“Strangely enough, in an attempt to cover up their afzettingszaak to put the Democrats in the House of another witness when He has never met or spoken to,” writes congressman Mark Meadows (North Carolina).

Erielle Davidson, the conservative magazine The Federalist has responded: “the Rumors may have a very small house of cards to build. That’s what we see right now.”

Meadows was Vindman in that regard. That is, it is politically biased, according to the deputy, because of his comments, a negative effect on the president, it would have been great.

Hearsay can build a really unimpressive ” house of cards. We’re seeing that now.

AvatarAuteurErielle DavidsonMoment of plaatsen20:26 pm – november 19, 2019dinsdag 20:45Goedenavond, and welcome (back). Your correspondent has been watered, fed and is ready for the second hearing today. Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison have now arrived at the united states Capitol building. The members of congress, the inlichtingencomité are still in the process of voting on the floor of the House. This will start the session later than the scheduled time of 20: 30.

While we were waiting for the start of the session, a wrap-up of the three opmerkenswaardige of the elements of the testimony of Alexander Vindman, and Jennifer Williams, who earlier in the day in the morning.

  • The conversation between He and Zelensky on the 25th of July, Vindman, and Williams said that in the interview in advance, and was prepared for it, but that He’s conscious, notes, and French, and of their own accord, began the research of the Ukrainian government’s wishes.
  • The partial transcript of the conversation: Vindman, said that it was not uncommon for the information on this type of conversation will be moved to a secure computer server. A number of modifications to the transcript were made, was “not a big deal,” said Vindman.
  • A Ukrainian, a visit to the White House, and on the 10th of July: Vindman, who at the meeting was described as the first witness at a public hearing, a party ‘for what’, first-hand. The EU ambassador and the Gordon Sondland and would of then-national security advisor John Bolton is the reason, its time for a Ukrainian delegation to explain to me that they, in exchange for a meeting with Trump, and Zelensky “to provide and examine specific studies”.

every Tuesday from 19:39Schiff would like to thank the witnesses. It should be understood that Vindman is much more to the word, it is made by Jennifer Williams. Schiff outlines a few of the things that we’ve heard today, together, to make a bow tie for the hearing to be enhanced.

The president around the Republican’s attack on the judgment of the Vindman, with a quote from the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a body composed of the top military leaders of the country. This is Joseph Dunford, said that Vindman at CNN, “He’s a professional, competent, patriotic and a loyal officer. He has made an extraordinary contribution to the safety and security of our nation, both in peacetime and in time of war.”

For now, we will have to leave the House of Representatives. Later on tonight I will be with you for the second hearing today, which Oekraïnegezant, Kurt Volker, and Vindmans a former executive at the National Security council, and Tim Morrison will testify to that. It is expected that those sitting at around 20.30 or 21.00 o’clock.

For now, thank you for your attention and, perhaps, see you later!every Tuesday from 19:33Nunes is final. “Act of the circus of today is in the past. (…) The Democratic party will continue and the American people, we’re poisoning it with that crap. We can sit here all morning and there’s no evidence to be heard.”on Tuesday at 19:31Krishnamoorthi used in the early days of his speaking time to draw attention to the fact that Vindman is the product of a immigrantengezin, as well as he does. “It looks like your immigratieachtergrond against it, you are used to.”every Tuesday from 19:26the advertised pause to allow for it. You can have the delegates in making the meeting on time and complete. We have had one Democratic speaker, Raja Krishnamoorthi, and then chairman of the Ship and the Republican Nunes is still a short slotverklaringen will make a decision.every Tuesday from 19:24Sean Patrick Maloney, a Democrat from New York, brings to the fore, with only a raised voice, again, on what he described as the heart of the matter. He asked Vindman, what his first thoughts were when he learned how He and the Ukrainian president, Zelensky on the phone asked me to investigate the range of plant and Burisma. “To be honest, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. There was probably an element of shock,” answered the soldier. It was his “worst fears about how the Oekraïnebeleid has been able to develop”.

Maloney asked Vindman is a part of his opening statement to reiterate the part where he and his father assured, that to tell the truth to him won’t hurt. That is, it is a sound bites in the coming days are likely to be frequently passed, it will come out in the media, and that’s exactly where the Democrats are on target.

Vindman get a round of applause from the audience. He needs to get over the initial shock.every Tuesday from 19:15Correspondent of national security, with David Sanger of The New York Times put it: “it is true to say that these days, nothing is more surprising, in Washington, d.c., but within a quarter of a century, I have never seen an official report or the official press release from the White House, and the skills of a staff member who is currently in the White House is in question. If they have doubts about his ability to judge, why did he, then?”

Nothing is surprising in today’s Washington, I guess, but in a qtr. century here, I have not previously seen an official WH account, or a press release questioning the competence of an official and currently working in a that WHITE. If they had concerns about his judgment, ” why was he there?

AvatarAuteurDavid SangerMoment of plaatsen19:00 pm – november 19, 2019dinsdag:19: 10Het is, it is the turn of Jim Jones. Who is doing what he always does: he blames the Democrats in the verkiezingsuitkomst in 2016 to undo it. “They’re after the president, on the day on which he was elected,” he said. So you’re now 3.5 years old. Jordan: “This will be the last step though. (…) At first, it was Russia, now the Ukraine.”on Tuesday at 19:07Het the White House to give a down-payment on a topic that later this day will come, when Vindmans the former executive, Timothy Morrison, will bear witness to this. “I was worried about the judgement of the lieutenant-colonel Vindman, said during a hearing behind closed doors.

Tim Morrison, Alexander Vindman’s former boss, testified in his deposition that he had concerns about Vindman’s judgment.

AvatarAuteurThe White HouseMoment of plaatsen18:49 pm – november 19, 2019dinsdag:19: 00Er is approaching again, have a break, so that the delegates to the floor of the House, to be able to go up for a vote. That is, it usually takes about thirty to forty minutes. There should be an additional six representatives to speak at this hearing to five minutes per person, so it is highly unlikely that the vote will be completed.every Tuesday from 18:56Vindman puts forth the theory that the Ukraine is in for 2016, with the U.s. elections, was a Russian story.every Tuesday from 18:53Democraat Joaquin Castro, as well as the Vindman, which is part of an identical twin. His brother, Julian, is one of the current Democratic presidential candidates.

“I do hope that your wife is kinder on mine at me’, quips that he, in his own bearded chin aanrakend. “And with that he you can’t take a beard to stand up.”every Tuesday from 18:49Elise Stefanik, a Republican from New York who was seen as a moderate, but in the past few weeks, a lot of the picture will be played as a fierce defender of the Home, and asked Vindman, and the Williams family, or the work of Hunter and Offer from an energy company Burisma may give the impression of a conflict of interest could cause. “It is very possible,” said Vindman. Williams was in agreement.every Tuesday from 18:45″when a person has been shot and the police are the ones is question as it is a bit better,” says the Democrat, Eric Swalwell at Vindman. In a hypothetical situation, the police after investigation, return to the victim to say that a prosecution is not possible, because the victim did not immediately said, that it is trying to murder. Does it work like that? asked Swalwell.

Vindman has said that he is not an attorney, but we do not think that this is how it works.every Tuesday from 18:42Tijdens at a meeting of the U.s. government, president’s Home, for the first time today and commented on the hearing. “I don’t know him,” he said about the Vindman. “I know that, as he puts it,” the lieutenant colonel ” is not. I have heard it said that a person can be so unfortunate, was to him, ‘sir,’ and he corrected. I have had this guy never been seen before. I have heard that he has a uniform to wear when he comes to testify to that. Yes, I know Vindman or not at all.”

Military personnel on active duty must be in accordance with the regulations in a uniform, and if they are out of the performance of their duties for the network to appear.every Tuesday from 18:37Berichten from the rest of the House: there should be (at 13.00 in the USA, from 19.00 hours, in English) is to be voted on. This would mean that the hearing will have to be cut off. There will be none of the attendees are very happy with it.every Tuesday from 18:30Republikein Chris Stewart, of Utah, to ask for the time in which Vindman Devin Nunes corrected then, which appealed to him as ‘sir’ instead of ‘lieutenant colonel’. “You are citizens, you may appeal your grade?”, calls to Stewart.

“I’ve been in the uniform and wear it with my military rank. I thought it was fitting to give it to.” He explains that he has in the past weeks lot has been attacked in the press, in which its military history in any doubt, it is learnt. “The attack on me in the press and on Twitter that have allowed me to become marginalised as a military officer.”every Tuesday from 18:25 toRepublican John Ratcliffe, had the props with me for five minutes, talk time: about 3,500 pages of printed transcripts of the hearings are behind closed doors last month. (Photo: Reuters)on Tuesday at 18:20Vindman had on the role of Rudy Giuliani, the personal lawyer of the Home, which is not a public regeringsfunctie, but led to the schaduwbeleid, ” in regard to Ukraine. A democrat, Terri Sewell asked him, “Is it normal to be a citizen, a representative of the U.s. government involved in foreign policy, as mr. Giuliani did that?”

Vindman: “I don’t know if I will have to make a decision to do it, but it was not. It didn’t help that the national security of the united states to promote.”on Tuesday at 18:16Als counter with the point that Republican Jim Jordan had just made it, and takes the chairman of the Ship takes the time to explain to you what a ‘bribe’ is. The witnesses at the hearings, to be heard, but they are not, in order to determine whether or not there was a bribe, but in order to tell you what the facts are, ” he said. It is up to the delegates to the House there is a consideration about that, ” he said.Back to top

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