The white House: a Fund of Ukraine detained for investigation, and to force

The chief of staff of the Us president, Donald Trump, Mick Mulvaney, last Thursday, during a conference at the White House, it is recognized that it is a temple for the people of Ukraine were stopped, until the nation is an investigation of a Democrat, it would be set. A few hours later, he made his decision to return, and he told me that his words weren’t the right ones included.

Mulvaney acknowledged that the temple was parked up because of it Trumps a concern for a computer server of the Democratic party in the Ukraine.

“I’ve got news for everyone: you put it down,” said Mulvaney. “There will be political interference in foreign policy.” According to the chief of staff saw the Home of the temple would not. The president drew attention to the issue of corruption in Ukraine and the lack of contributions from other European countries.

This is the first time that the White House, and in this connection acknowledges that. He has always denied that he was the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, under pressure, by the use of the quid pro quo, and to hear what it was.

The white House has to worry about the server

In July and requested that He Zelensky was not the only Democratic heavyweight Joe Biden and his son Hunter to investigate, but also to look at a cybersecuritybedrijf that the Democratic party was turned on and found out that the Russians have an e-mail from the party had been hijacked.

“What happens in 2016, it was sure to be a part of the concerns of the president about corruption in Ukraine,” said Mulvaney. “He told the president about the issue of corruption in relation to the site of the Democratic party? Absolutely, no doubt about it. Therefore, we took the money back.”

According to Reuters, has said the server is in the Ukraine, to become a ontkrachte theory is that it is not Russia, but Ukraine, the Us elections will affect.


He would risk dismissal, as the president, this is how it works, the procedure

“Statements misconstrued’

A few hours later and spoke to Mulvaney for itself by bringing in a certificate to identify what’ the matter to a close. His statements were, according to him, misunderstood.

Zelensky agreed, after a phone call from the Home at the request: of the the American temple that had been previously approved by the Congress, it was to be available for the people of Ukraine.

The Democrats have started just recently, a preliminary study of the potential deposition of dust from the Home, after the events of the phone call is revealed. This research focuses on the application of the Home in relation to the Offer, and his young son.


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