The weather on holiday: ‘perfect’ weather in Greece and the hard wind in France

The weather on holiday: ‘perfect’ weather in Greece and the hard wind in France

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In the Netherlands the coming days fairly cloudy, but elsewhere in Europe the nicer weather. In France, Spain, Greece and Turkey, let the sun often.

That report Weerplaza in a weather forecast.


The weather in France is very beautiful. Saturday will be in the northwest and north, some showers are expected, with afternoon temperatures of 18 to 21 degrees as a result. From Les Landes to the Burgundy and the south is warmer and sunnier and it is 23 to 27 degrees. On the Mediterranean Sea, the temperature can reach up to 30 degrees, but with a hard wind. Sunday disappears. It continues Sunday and Monday sunny, with temperatures of 24 to 35 degrees.

Portugal and Spain

Also in these countries is the weather: there is lots of sun and relatively little wind. Along most beaches, it is 30 to 35 degrees, and this can in the interior is still somewhat up. Along the Costa del Sol is blowing a strong easterly wind. This has high waves as a result. Monday, the wind again.

Italy, Croatia and Slovenia

The severe weather event and also the extreme heat here over now. Saturday there is still some chance of rain and thunderstorms, especially from Bari and Naples to Pisa and Venice. Also in Slovenia and Croatia, thundering it sometimes still. The showers subside Sunday and Monday and the sun shows itself more often. The temperature is around 28 to 35 degrees.

Greece and Turkey

It will be beautiful weather in Greece and Turkey. There is sun, there are hardly any clouds, and there blows no wind. Only along the western coast of Crete, a wind on Sunday-are just as strong blow. Saturday and Monday the winds are calmer. The Aegean Sea is blowing a northerly breeze, but that is often not above 4 Bft. The maxima arrive at the islands between 30 and 35 degrees. On the mainland, it is often a few degrees warmer.

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