The water pressure is low danger for the refugees in Syria after a Turkish bombardment

A bombing attack on a water system, close to the Turkish border, threatening in the short term, a serious shortage of water in the north-east of Syria, says Doctors without Borders, on Sunday, in an interview with the

The organisation has about eight hundred troops in the region, in order to provide assistance to people who are on the run for the violence.

Karline Kleijer, it is noodhulpcoördinator to Doctors without Borders and is monitoring the situation in the north-East of Syria. They are afraid that the Turkish bombardments are water shortages going to arise in the region.

“People will be able to do a couple of days without food but not without water. That is something we have to worry about it,” says Kleijer.

“For example, if a member of staff of the us with hundreds of people at his house, and cared for and has a cleaner 120 is collected. In the short term, that’s life. However, if you have hard water, and that is that there is a problem with the situation.”

In the camp, All of Sex, which for quite some time, around 70 000 refugees are tend to overlook issues that arise. Just like in Tel-Tamer, and that we, as a place to Hole-to-market. And also, for example, in the village of Hasakah, where about 200,000 people live, threatening supply shortages.”

Since the Turkey is just recently, the Syrian border has been drawn, it is the use of violence in the north-east of Syria has re-emerged. Also, the Syrian troops and Kurdish combat groups are involved in acts of violence.


Turkey carries out air strikes in Syria

Various combat groups to cause chaos

Kleijer speaks of the chaos in the region. There are a variety of contending parties, and it is not always clear as to which side is actually fighting for. Also, move to the front lines in an ongoing basis.

It is up to the organisation that makes it even more difficult to get help. “We’re trying to have a stabilisatiepunt to set it up. We can be refugees, to catch them before they go to a hospital. However, the creation of such a point is difficult, as the game is constantly moving.”

And so it was with Doctors without Borders on Saturday in the town of Ayn Issa, left, after the organization of the Tuesday all the staff had been withdrawn from the border town of Tel Abyad.

“In Tel Abyad there was no one of the locals about it. A lot of people are refugees. Also, there was no staff in the hospital and to the staff, because they are, in many cases, the flight of the shot. Stay was a little longer. But since Saturday, it is, in Ayn Issa is also not safe,” says Kleijer.

The choice of places to go, calls it the noodhulpcoördinator to be a painful decision. “You’ll want to ultimately help people that are in there. However, we could not be otherwise than go away.”

The attacks on the staff of the organisation have not been there, says Kleijer. In full retreat from the area, and is therefore out of the question.

A Turkish-backed Syrian soldier sits in a military vehicle near the border with Turkey. (Photo: Reuters)

Men and women for the past five years on the run

She says the current situation is more dire for those who have, in the past few years, many times I have had to flee. “They will now have to once again to force on the run. That is, it is sometimes the fourth or fifth time. That’s what makes the situation extra painful.”

What’s more, communication on the field is very difficult, by the mobile phone networks will no longer work. “As a result, people who are on the run are often not true members of their families are.”

The proposed ‘safe harbour’, which Erdogan has in mind is a strip of land in the north-east of Syria (red on the map below, simplified representation). Image: of country life at personal level)

The red Cross and start to take action on Syria

The Red Cross is now an action is started in order to raise money for those affected by the hurricane. Even this aid organisation fears that many people have no water out of it.

The Red Cross is very concerned about the situation in Hasakah, where a lot of people go to have fled. The bank account number of the action of the Red Cross, and it is 7244.


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