The Volkskrant in an appeal after a loss in the interlocutory proceedings on the photo

The Volkskrant in an appeal after a loss in the interlocutory proceedings on the photo

The Volkskrant must be a compensation of 1,500 euros to pay to Mohammed Rashid, that a case had been brought because he, unasked, on the front page of the newspaper.

The Volkskrant has according to the judge, the privacy of Rashid violated. The Volkskrant, it is therefore not even. In the tv program Pauw showed editor-in-chief Philippe Remarque Wednesday night know to appeal. “We want a second opinion from a different judge because our uitingsvrijheid is more important.”

On the front page of Tuesday 16th of August was the man while he was in his car and was on his way to the airport and was checked by the military police. The article was about the strict control of the airport in connection with terrorist threat.

Rashid wrote in a reader’s letter about the picture that he had the idea that the newspaper deliberately a muslim on the front page, because the article was about islamterrorisme. The article showed the head Is Schiphol still safe?

He demanded a correction and a compensation of 15,000 euro. The court will rectify unnecessarily.


Philippe Remarque (photo), editor-in-chief of the Volkskrant, had earlier in a response already know that the newspaper with the pictures the reality tried and that only drivers with a “muslim-like” appearance,” were to stand.

“We are shocked by this decision”, responded Remarque. “If such easily personal injury proven to have been considered on the basis of possible associations at home and abroad, is the work of editors, photographers, and cameramen a lot harder. We find that the free gathering of news is at stake.”

“Had the photographer just as long to search until it finds a control jam could lay of, say, a blonde woman, because our reality is not running? That would be manipulation.” Remarque gave the head with the article otherwise could have done.

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