The Voice Kids-winner Fabiënne treated for drink and drug problem

The Voice Kids-winner Fabiënne treated for drink and drug problem

Fabiënne Bergmans became after her win in The Voice Kids in 2012, lost the trail. The singer used continuously drugs, drank much alcohol and slept little. A recording in a clinic, brought her back on.

That she reveals Saturday in the AD.

The now eighteen-year-old Bergmans was searching for earlier, her refuge in drugs. She began at the age of twelve with a blow, but hit only really of the hangers off when she was the first winner of The Voice Kids. “I lived in two worlds. Than I was on Wednesday night for a full room with all of the nicely dressed people who me to the sky in praise, and then I had a day later to go back to school. Than I thought really: what am I doing here?”, says Bergmans.

“I have everything tried. If I were under the influence, I thought of anything else,” she says candidly. Bergmans parents knew nothing about it, not the drugs and alcohol and also not of the many, many friends. “I lied about everything, in a manner of speaking even about the color of my socks. My parents were at a given moment, just strangers to me.”


In a clinic found the singer final the rest back. “It was a wonderful feeling. I could finally completely gone. My body and head were also just on,” says the singer, who is coached by Angela Groothuizen. “The clinic seemed like a liberation.”

Bergmans now has her life back on track. They blowt sometimes against her adhd, but used no other drugs and hardly any alcohol. In addition, she studies at the pop academy in Utrecht. “I still want to be known. But not in the Netherlands, but in America with English-language R&B, hip – hop and soul music. There you can be who you want and what you want.”

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