The Virginia State Police, Trooper, Luke Dowell’s friend, ‘it was the greatest pleasure of my life’, says sister

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A State Trooper and Luke Dowell was shot and killed while executing a search warrant, on February 4, 2019. Trooper Dowell served with the Virginia State Police for four years. State lawmakers have introduced a bill to change the name of the I-81 bridge, within Dowell’s hometown of Chilhowie, as the ” Trooper Lucas B. Dowell-Bridge.’

Just a few hours after her brother, Luke Dowell, deceased, the officers of the Virginia State Police and the Metropolitan Police Department, which was in the middle of the night in her home in Washington, D. C, Erica Dowell remembers. They helped her pack before she’s off to Richmond to meet up with her parents.

Lucas, a 28-year-old Virginia State Trooper, and the tactical team member was hit by gunfire in the Feb. 4-while trying to serve a search warrant at a home in the Farmville, for a couple of hours away.


Sam, who was also in the room was a few years before, when her brother graduated from the state police academy, told Fox News she remembered hearing the sound of the speakers will talk about what it was like to be a family — not only for germans but also for their loved ones as well.

With the help of which they offered that night, and She said, “it is only a small sample of the many things they have done to support us.”

“I think that every person who has lived in Chilhowie, came to the funeral,” she said. “We have just heard from the police, the families in the country, and the troopers, and officers from all over the country, just to let you know just how bad they really are.”

Erica Dowell, Lucas ‘ sister, you say, “I believe that every person who has lived in Chilhowie, came to the funeral of her brother.
(Virginia State Police)


A portrait of Dowell is in the Virginia State Police Academy, and was revealed at the beginning of May, in a ceremony that also paid tribute to the police officers in their ranks who had lost their lives.

The First Sgt. Matthew Riley, who was in Dowell’s supervisor, when he was in the state police, told Fox News it is a portrait “is a reminder of just how dangerous a job it can be, and is, that no matter what the circumstances, it is the loss of life, it is just a tragedy.”

“Every law enforcement officer is someone’s son or daughter, or a husband or a wife,” he said. “Sometimes, I say, we have to take our people for granted and when you lose, that’s all.”

A portrait of Dowell, was unveiled at the Virginia State Police academy, and after his death. “His image is a reminder of just how dangerous a job it can be, and is, that no matter what the circumstances, it is the loss of life is just as tragic, First Sgt. Matthew Riley told Fox News.
(Virginia State Police)

Riley was recovering from a bicep injury, this is the first time he met up with Dowell, and has been proposed to have a sense of humor.

“He was brand new, and I had my left arm in a cast, and he looked at me and said,” there is no way for you to be my supervisor,'” Riley said.


Dowell was known for keeping a happy attitude during his four years with the Virginia State Police.

“It didn’t matter how long the day was, or how grim the scene of where we were, he always had a smile and a positive attitude, no matter what the circumstances,” Riley said.

Virginia State Trooper Corey Sheron, told Fox News that Dowell did it on a tactical team, and during the years that they are on the road himself, and he was always eager to be sent on to the next task.

“You’d literally have to beat him with the call,” Sheron said, “and even then, he would have to fight for it.”

Dowell, his colleagues say, and was always ready for the next command.
(Virginia State Police)

The ones that will Dowell to say, that he liked to work out, travel, play video games and go snowboarding, but he has always made time for his family and friends.

“I was looking back through the text messages from him last night,” Sam Dowell said. “I think I’ve had a bad day, you know, in January, and he’s shared a new clip from Frank Sinatra’s ‘that’s Life’, and he said, ” If you’re having a bad day, and we were both having a bad day.”

She added, “He would reply each and every time that you called, day or night.”

And sometimes, when Luke Dowell would call him, as he should, as his obituary noted, to demonstrate his talents as a gifted storyteller.

“He would call during the day, and just launch right into it –” you wouldn’t believe the day I had, ” and it’s 10 minutes before you get a word in,” Sam Dowell said.

Sgt. Bob Carpentieri of the presentation, Luke Dowell, his graduation certificate from the Virginia State Police academy.
(Virginia State Police)

Dowell had long-term ambitions are to work in federal law enforcement, and She says, “he saw so much value in the work that he was doing it as a part of the tactical team.”


Now, his memory lives on in places such as the police academy, where the stories of his military service to serve as a model for the next wave of the Virginia State Police helicopter.

“That was the greatest joy of my life, Luke’s sister, and a friend,” She said.

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