The Update of the game platform Steam is causing problems for many users

Valve on Thursday a major update to be rolled out to its gaming platform, Steam. The update will change the design of the Steam in detail, but this causes problems when a large number of people.

On Reddit and in the forum of Steam, it is raining complaints about the new design. The users are complaining about the performance of the Steam after the update. It is a program where games can be bought and launched, it runs not very well on a lot of computers to crash and in some cases, at all.

The amount of ram that the new version of Steam is used, it seems to be the cause. The new version is five times more memory than Steam, the old lay-out, which is a problem for older computers.

Users can check the settings of the Steam is known as a “lageprestatiemodus’ turn, but it will be difficult to help players who are having difficulties. There is no way to get the old layout back is to use it. Valve is not yet on the symptoms, respond to it.

It is a new design of Steam and just sat there for a while to come out. The new layout is available in the gamebibliotheek to news reports. Developers can post messages to the players in the game.

Also, the new update will make use of “Remote” Play Together”. With this feature, the games are normally just the local, together, can be played, also with the help of the internet, multiplayer games have to be played.

Valve’s design of the Steam is taken care of.

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