The united States is sharing more details about the attack’S leader, Al Baghdadi

In the United States, on Wednesday (local time), for more details on the attack’S leader, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi to be shared. The terroristenleider killed himself last Saturday, in which a targeted U.s. operation in Syria.

So, there are a dronebeelden come out when the attack is from above, is to be seen. Also, the Pentagon is a picture of the house of Al-Baghdadi in Syria, and shared.

The Us general Frank McKenzie said in a press conference, among other things, that there were two children, have been killed in the attack on the leader. In previous reports, it was due to US about the three children who died normally.

An American research firm, it has the DNA of Al-Baghdadi being investigated. It was discovered that the DNA in the operation is to be secured, it is a match with the DNA that, in 2004, Al Baghdadi, was taken in an Iraqi prison.


The Pentagon shares footage of the attack’S leader in Syria

IS the leader blew himself up before he was picked up, it could be

Al Baghdadi, came in last Saturday to get killed in a targeted operation by U.s. commandos in to Syria, the Us president, Donald Trump Sunday, the well-known.

Before the soldiers could pick it up, he would have himself blown up by a bomvest that he was to have his body had been.

“After Baghdadi’s murder-suicide, our assault force has cleared significant debris from the tunnel, and non-Baghdadi’s remains for a DNA identity confirmation…”
Gene, Frank, McKenzie, CDR USCENTCOM

AvatarAuteurCENTCOMMoment of plaatsen21:07 am – October 30, 2019

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