The united States is going to migrantenfamilies for an indefinite period of time to hold

In the United States on Wednesday to new rules on the detention of migrants at the border, and will be announced. Adults with children crossing the border, they are no longer within twenty-one days of the wild. The authorities will go to families for an indefinite period of time to hold it.

The families will remain stuck for as long as their asylum application has not been dealt with. It usually takes months prior to the request of the family, is dealt with by a immigratierechter. The new policy will also focus on unaccompanied minors.

It is the intent of the rules, which will have a deterrent effect, must, within sixty days, will apply. It may take a longer time as the regulatory environment right will be challenged.

In 1997, it was decided that the authorities of underage migrants for an indefinite period of time are allowed to hold on to. In practical terms, this means that the children and their guardians, in anticipation of the court’s decision within twenty-one days of the united states in may.

The government of the American president when He says that in the agreement of 1997, which is due to the new rules, is to be replaced, for a maximum immigratiecijfers care of it. The current legislation would be to encourage people to have children, as it is easy for the country to be in the way.

The department of Homeland Security, said that the children are not “pawns” to be. The acting prime minister, Kevin McAleenan said that the rules are in place to make sure that families are kept together and that the integrity of our immigration system is to be improved.

390.000 families since October, border crossing

Due to the violence and the poverty and emigration many of the inhabitants of Central America to the United States of america. Since October of last year, 390.000 families are detained, according to authorities in the united states.

American pediatricians have repeatedly warned that the detention facilities do not be suitable for children. The government has said that the families of mental health care, and other services.


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