The united States is going to be in Turkey to push for peace in Syria

The Us vice-president Mike Pence and secretary of state Mike Pompeo to travel on Wednesday to Turkey. They will be there when the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s insistence on an immediate cease-fire in Syria and for an agreement in the area of the former warring parties.

The situation in the north-East of Syria has rapidly escalated since the Turkish armed forces in the area last week, on Wednesday, attacked.

The White House stated in a statement that the Pennies is the intention of the Us president, Donald Trump for “punitive economic sanctions against the country to enter into an agreement is reached, it will accentuate it.

Erdogan says he is not worried about U.s. sanctions. According to Turkish media, Erdogan’s charges He stated that the country will never be a cease-fire will take place in the north-East of Syria. “Turkey will never be negotiations with a terror organization”, said Erdogan later on, referring to the Kurdish groups in the region, in part, in the hands of.

The area has been controlled by the Kurds

The turkey fell in the north-East of Syria, after He had been with the American forces in the region in a telephone conversation with Erdogan.

The region was, until recently, controlled by the Kurdish factions, who have meevochten with the Americans against the terreurbeweging of the Islamic State (IS). Erdogan sees the Kurdish groups as a security threat to Turkey, and a number of them are affiliated with the Kurdish separatist movement PKK.

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