The united States begin to formally leave climate deal in Paris

In the United States on Monday, officially, the journey has been to get out of the climate deal by Paris to intervene. The process may take a year, and it must be done on the day after the presidential election of 2020.

The Us president when He announced in the summer of 2017, in all of the official of the consent and will of the steps. On Monday, the united states, the official documents from the United Nations, will be sent.

The US is as of november 4, 2020, the only country in the world that is not part of the contract. The agreement in 2015, which concluded in Paris, france.

“The US is proud of our history as a world leader in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and the promotion of resilience, will drive our economy, and securing energy for our citizens. Our model is realistic and pragmatic”, according to the minister of Foreign Affairs, and Mike Pompeo is on Twitter.

U.S. the second largest emitter

Environmental advocates in the U.S. say they hope to return the country to the agreement to step up with more ambitious targets, and if He is defeated in the elections by the year 2020.

For decades, came to the united states, most of the greenhouse gases in the world, until China, in 2006 and caught up. In the U.S. by 2018, representing 15 per cent of the world’s total. In China plunged last year to 27 per cent of the emissions of greenhouse gases, but it is on its way to their part of the climate deal to fulfil, though it may suggest to critics that this is not going to be enough for the Paris targets.

In the climate deal by Paris, it is said that the average temperature on the earth is no more than a 2 degree Celsius is allowed to rise relative to pre-industrial levels. It is the aim to increase up to 1.5-degree limit.

Under current policies, the temperature is between 2.4 and 4.3 degrees celsius increase, according to the latest forecasts.

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