The unhealthiest items on the menu of American (fast)food chains

Citizens with wild that float in fats and salts, drinks, liquid candy, a sandwich with steak and macaroni with cheese and ham: these are the most sumptuous dishes from the American culinary landscape.

Short Rib & Cheesy Mac Stack of Dave & Buster’s © Dave and Busters

When it was announced that the American hamburgerketen Burger King to our country would come to was that generally cheered and welcomed. Americans have, after all, a rich, fat, salt and sugar-drenched tradition of fast food chains – they know how to do it. Nevertheless, those chains, that could not even all be under the banner of fast food go through life but sometimes even restaurant are rarely a good choice for a night out. Of course there is nothing wrong with the occasional sweet milkshake or a grease-dripping burger pushing it, but when you culinary landscape of it is saturated, are your veins that soon also.

Xtreme Eating

It is for the reason that the Center for Science in the Public Interest each year, their Xtreme Eating List is known, in which the least healthy meals of well-known American restaurant chains on the list. The CSPI based not only on calories (most dishes on a menu card transcend smoothly the 2000) but also on the amount of saturated fat, sugar and salt, the dish contains.

So is the Fried Chicken & Waffles Benedict at The Cheesecake Factory the cover for around 2580 calories (more than the daily allowance for a healthy lifestyle) and contains the court about 86 grams of saturated fat – about the amount that a healthy person best on a day, or four scattered. Other dishes on the list are the Dave and Busters’ “Short Rib & Cheesy Mac-Stack’, Uno Pizzeria & Grills ‘Whole Hog Burger, and Sonics 970 ‘Grape Slush with Rainbow Candy’.

The norm instead of the exception

“Unfortunately, these dishes are the norm rather than the exception,” explains CSPI dietitian Lindsay Moyer in an attached statement. “The restaurant chains of the United States seem gemààkt to diabetes, obesity and heart disease to promote. In these courts, the Quarter Pounders from McDonald’s in nothing.”

And there lies exactly the problem. Burger like McDonald’s and yes, probably even Burger King knows that it is unhealthy, that the empty calories are, that their food after an hour back hunger do get that you are actually just fat, and sodium in your body pumping. But the above restaurant chains in America is actually seen as a valuable option for a meal – they go there with the confidence that we have in Europe in a brasserie and have often not even by them again and again make the wrong choice, a choice that their quality of life sometimes are put on the slope. (KS)

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