The UN report is Proof that the Saudi prince behind the assassination, Khashoggi is

The engagement of crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi needs to be formally investigated, the united nations, in a Wednesday report. It says that there is “credible evidence” that Bin Salman is to blame for the murder.

The UN special rapporteur Agnès Callamard, has done extensive research into what has been done with Khashoggi. The critical journalist, disappeared in the beginning of October, during a visit to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Callamard, which considers that the death of the journalist as an “international crime”. In the one-hundred-page report, concludes that Khashoggi “you have been a victim of an act of execution is pre-meditated”. According to Callamard was in Saudi Arabia for this murder charge.

The UN special rapporteur for her research in the use of the recording of the conversation in the consulate and, where Khashoggi was also killed. The pictures have been taken by the Turkish secret service.


Summary: a Journalist is murdered at the Saudi consulate

The UN is calling for more sanctions against the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Callamard work with a group of forensic experts, research in to the consulate. Also, the Turkish authorities have evidence to the UN team.

The rapporteur calls upon the conclusions of the report, countries in the number of penalties against the United arab Emirates and the crown prince, in particular, to expand.

The Saudi ministry of Foreign Affairs, rejected the report Wednesday afternoon in response to Demand. According to him, the report contains clear contradictions,” and “groundless allegations”, which is the credibility of the report’s delivery.

The crown prince, Muhammad Bin Salman has yet not commented on the report.

The report indicates that the murder closely

Shortly before his death, said to be one of the Saudi staff members at the reporter, “We have come to you to pick it up.” When Khashoggi refused to co-operate came to a fight, as you can hear on the recording. According to the report, from the pictures, we can see that he was strangled with a plastic bag.

The report lays the blame for the murder, clearly the Saudi crown prince. In the first few weeks after the disappearance of the journalist changed in Bin Salman, and the royal family to tell their story multiple times. But, ultimately, Bin Salman, that the assassination of a rogue operation, it was the crown-prince of nothing of the details.

This interpretation is not supported by the evidence, that the united nations has found. Also, in the report of the investigation of the saudis and the Turks for the murder of Khashoggi not to be open-minded, and have not been thoroughly carried out.


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