The Ukrainian president, denies, under pressure, to be taken Home

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky Wednesday, during a joint question-with Donald Trump in New York, said that he had “never been on a set,” in the contentious phone conversation with the U.s. president.

The conversation between He and Zelensky was at the heart of the question hour that during the General Assembly of the United Nations was to be held. The Ukrainian president said that he had “nothing to do with the matter, wants to have it, because he doesn’t engage in the Democratic primaries.

Klokkenluiderskwestie, in, USA

  • He would Zelensky, under pressure, to have to put in a phone call, disclosed in a blow the whistle
  • The Ukrainian president had to” do research from Home, to a political rival, Joe Biden
  • He is claiming that Biden, in his time as the vice-president of a Ukrainian corruption investigation at the company, where the range of plant’s son worked for stilzette
  • A Week for the call is seized He and financial support for the people of Ukraine on the
  • Democrats are having preliminary impeachment procedure is opened against the Home for the abuse of that power
  • Members of congress have klokkenluidersaanklacht already seen it and called the document “very disturbing” and “very credible”
  • It is possible that the charges on Thursday (local time), and public reporting of sources on CNN

According to Trump, told the two to each other on the phone about the issue of corruption in the Eastern European country. He would like to see Zelensky, there are stricter will not occur.

The Us president took on Wednesday, several times, from the Democratic speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. It was announced on Tuesday that a preliminary investigation in relation to a possible impeachment procedure at Home. He replied by saying that he would rather see Pelosi as quickly as possible, out of her position as exempt will be.

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, it turned out that practically the whole of the House, that the prosecution of the whistleblower were made public, that is. Initiates, and within the Congress, the documents in a secure locations to be able to see it, but the details are still being kept secret. According to the legislators, that is, the charge having been read, the document is “very disturbing” and “very credible”. The White House, and the papers haven’t been released yet, CNN reports that since Thursday morning (local time), a change in the near future.

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Why it took Trump and the Ukraine is under the pressure?

He would Zelensky, you are invited to investigate the alleged corruption of the former vice-president, Joe Biden. Who was vice president under Barack Obama’s administration have an important role to play in the relations between the united states and Russia. Biden would be a local public prosecutor’s office, the door, worked out, and who had been doing some research for a gas company, where his son, Hunter, at the time, it worked, and he said to be 45,000 a month in london. Trumps claim has never been proven, but his attorney, Rudy Giuliani is doing a month of research into the matter. Critics say that Trump’s case is latched to the Offer in a poor light.

The Wednesday publication of the minutes of the telephone call indicates that He Zelensky has been asked to conduct research for his political arch-rival, Joe Biden, and his son. This document has been prepared on the basis of notes and recollections of that Trumps the employees who were present during the telephone conversation on 25 July.

In the interview, the suspension of financial aid to Ukraine, but the call was clear, the Democratic party still has enough to make a formal preliminary examination is to start the procedure is to get Home to let me in.

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Warren passes by Biden in the polls

In the klokkenluiderskwestie the presidential campaign of Biden in a negative way. News agency, AFP, wrote Thursday on the basis of a nationally held poll, Elizabeth Warren is the obvious favorite to be the Democratic nominee for president is over.

Biden would be a quarter of the electorate behind them have to stand for Warren’s supporters, it is two percentage points higher. In the August Offer of 32 per cent of the electorate behind them, and are, compared to 19 per cent, of Warren, and 15 per cent of the outsider Bernie Sanders.

This is the first time since march that the Offer is not at the top of a rare condition. Warren has been involved with a number of strong weeks, and it made a huge impression during a recent debate. In her election rallies, are always attended by immense crowds of people that made her a loud cheer.

In California, this is one of the most important Democratic statements, leads, and Warren are also in the group of Democratic presidential candidates. In the meantime, the senator for nearly thirty percent of all Democratic voters behind him, as well as Biden, and He, every ten-percentage points less.

Elizabeth Warren. (Photo: Reuters).


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