The turkey should be the F-35 is not to buy it after the purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missiles

The united states department of Defense to deny Turkey access to the purchase of the F-35, is currently performed by it that results from the Joint Strike Fighter program. This is a result of the purchase of the Russian S-400-air defense system due to the Turks.

“Because of the Turkish decision to have the Russian S-400-air defense system to to to buy, no commitment to the F-35 program is impossible,” he writes in the Pentagon, in a statement. This decision is made by Turkey as “unfair” can be seen. In the country, is asking Americans to see the error, which is the strategic tyre damage”.

The first shipment of Russian anti-aircraft missiles have arrived on Friday in Turkey. The Americans were afraid that the Russians have a lot of information about the vulnerabilities of the advanced F-35 to be able to acquire the S-400’s and the fighter aircraft are to be used in the same country.

Both Washington and Ankara as a NATO ally for quite some time now, a dispute over the S-400. According to the Americans have been looking for a solution to the Turks is accelerated by a Patriot air defense system to provide it. This system is of American origin, and is also used in the Netherlands.

The S-400 air defense system. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Relations between Putin and Erdogan

According to several analysts, the wild Turkey is not a Patriot-based system, because of the Americans, this is not all, we want to be known. Also, in view of the links between the Russian president Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as the reason for the purchase of S-400. For the Russians, the issue is one of opportunity in order to drive a wedge between the two main allies of the NATO alliance.

According to the Americans don’t need to be so big too. “Turkey has been for the last 65 years, a member of the NATO alliance, but with the acceptance of the S-400 is undermining the promise of the other member states, to non-Russian systems that use more,” writes the Pentagon. “In the United States, attach still a lot of value to the strategic relationship with Turkey. This band has more layers and is not just about the F-35. We will continue to strongly cooperate with the restrictions on the presence of the S-400 to Turkey is in the back of my mind.”

The first S-400 systems that are coming on Tv. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Staff are able to return to Turkey

The Turkish air force had four aircraft received in the United States of america, with which it is worked. There were, in the first instance, a 30 gevechtstoestellen ordered it, which was eventually extended to 120 units. The Turkish luchtmachtpersoneel in America, and is part of the F-35 program, you can go back to Turkey.

It is still unclear as to what is going on with the production of the spare parts in the Turkey’s going to happen. “It’s going to land, and unfortunately, the number of jobs and economic opportunities, loss as a result of the acquisition of the S-400,” according to the press secretary of the Pentagon. It would be the Americans, is around 500 million-dollars for the production of the F-35, to shift to other countries as well.


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