The triumph of tradition. Results of “Oscar 2012”

Culminating ceremony of the 84th “Oscar” in general, has not brought any significant surprises. Some sort of surprise caused except that the distribution of a number of awards in technical categories. And this terry stability, absence of live energy – is the main problem is the main Message Boards around the world. And even the half-forgotten enthusiasm Billy Crystal is unable to perturb these podernuvshiesya slime water.

To just to dot the “i”, to emphasize that absolutely all the winners in the major categories are worthy of their golden statuettes. Well, how can the success of the protest to call Meryl Streep, claimed the “Oscar” for the 17th! time? Does anyone turns to challenge the language of victory Octavia Spencer, created on the screen as a colorful image? If anyone dares to question the acting skills of Christopher Plummer, who for 60 years of his career, won Academy Awards for the first time? In the end, hardly anyone would be against the triumph of Jean Dujardin, perhaps, is not endowed with the talent level, Gary Oldman, but very bright flashed in black and white design.

Actually, this very project, which was quite a bold experiment with form in a very straightforward content, of course, worthy of the highest ratings, as well as its creator, Michel Hazanavichus. In short, all five “Oscars” painting “Artist” is well deserved.

Much the same can be said about the awards, “Keeper of Time 3D”, maybe only a small degree of doubt when it comes to the category “Best Special Effects” and “Best Sound”. But in the end, the film academy had every right to dispose of their Zloty statuettes that way, and no really weighty argument against it is impossible to find.

In a situation where the list of winners was so boring predictable, and the complete absence among participants of the battle for top honors this blockbuster has not caused increased interest in the ceremony, the only hope for her recovery was associated with the return of almost legendary Billy Crystal. After all, his name is associated with the best, in terms of ratings, during the ceremonies, “Oscar”.

But alas. His enchanting solo numbers, and full of subtle humor monologues, apparently, in the past. Either the Crystal older and has lost its former ease, whether the writers wrote their texts based on Eddie Murphy and did not alter them for a new leader, but the show did not happen. That is, like there were impromptu and good jokes, but the overall impression was reduced to an unworthy talent Crystal definition of “nothing.”

Of course, record the number of ceremonies performed on the stage looked much better than last year’s youth and organically, and that it could lead to name just a joke. But still … “No way”. And even the famous circus troupe, which presented, as stated, the biggest number only emphasized his dullness of what is happening on the stage of cinema Kodak.

Experts have yet to calculate the rankings, analyze and explain the numbers of innodividual failures. But it is absolutely clear that we need serious reform of the Academy Awards. It’s time to dilute the old man is the realm of the young blood that will more clearly understand the ossified brains to a new audience expectations and demands of modern times. Indeed, according to statistics, the vast majority of kinoakademikami – it is men from 50 to 60 years and older. And in this age group tend to greatly mistaken about the value of their life experiences to similar events.

Before the screen is sitting a long time since the generation that sees the world through fiber-optic networks, legacy of Steve Jobs and extremely compressed space Twitter. Just do not call Chris Rock, James Franco and others like them. Try to return Hugh Jackman, for example. And turn to the list of nominees for the next “Fast and the Furious.”

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