The transparent tunnel: the new flagship of Man City

NRC Handelsblad message about a new phenomenon at Manchester City: a tunnel of glass that is enclosed by a restaurant.

The Tunnel Club © .

The tunnel was one of the places, like the locker room, long as holy was seen in football. But at Manchester City they think differently. In the Etihad Stadium is the tunnel of glass. If you get it running don’t you realize that you can be viewed because the glass reflects. But a message at the beginning of the tunnel, ” Entering area visible to fans to remind the players to remember that behind the glass fans to them are watching.

For some it is to get used to. For example, a player Arsenal recently unsuspectingly his pants off in the tunnel.

The tunnel at the Etihad Stadium is enclosed by a restaurant, where fans view of the players and technical staff when they are in the direction of field. Or do an interview. Or red be sent away. It is a kind of aquarium. You sit so close to the stars that you wedstrijdspanning can feel and the actors can almost touch it. You put your nose against the window, and you look at Kevin De Bruyne and Pep Guardiola in the eyes.

‘The Tunnel Club’, such as the exclusive restaurant is called, is in August open. It is the latest flagship from Manchester City. The cost for a visit to the Club during a duel start at about 340 euros. That includes food, drink, parking and an analysis of one of the members of the technical staff of Guardiola. For a whole season is the selling price up to almost 17,000 euros.

This experience, as it is called, is only reserved for the rich in football. Leather couches are in the corners of the restaurant, champagne bottles fill the cooling, wine glasses are set up. The grandstand seats of The Tunnel Club have heated seats, it’s a question of pressing a button. And there is a charging point for electronic equipment.

City is very likely to be the first club in European football that such a business model has been set up around a tunnel. It is acquired from the Dallas Cowboys, the American football team from Texas, where the players by the audience coming up, so without a framework in between. The new stadium of Tottenham Hotspur, which is expected next year, will also be equipped with horecaruimte with a view of the tunnel.

The phenomenon is not spared of criticism. It Is not to be megalomaniac? And return City are in this way not many of the loyal, older fans who in the dark years remained faithful?

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