“The torch; keep yours high

nearvideo President Trump and wife Melania Trump to pay respect to fallen soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery

Navy SEAL Rob O’neill of Memorial Day says is not only a three-day weekend, it honors those who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave.

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On the roster: “The torch; keep yours high” – The GOP, Biden is to reduce the long game – How Socialist Bernie Bernie the millionaire Phony Pelosi video blows on the right wing – *ahem* it was A clean weekend

We feel self-conscious, even speak of Peter Jackson‘s world-war-documentary, “you Are Not Old”, because so few people have discussed.

If social media engagement is a reflection of the interest in the masterful film, the heartbreaking, the story of the war, the help from the modern world compared to those from any TV show about sexy dragon master or sexy serial killers, sexy pirate, or… God told us.

But this is our note, and we think what has been achieved by Jackson, needs far more attention. In fact, our culture, the Film is in dire need of now. You will find the discussions of liberalism and intersectionality in “Game of Thrones” elsewhere, if that’s your bag.

Jackson took 100 hours of mostly unseen films and 600 hours of recorded interviews with veterans of the Great war and rotting at the Imperial war Museum and turned it into a captivating, atmospheric work, which we will not soon forget.

The Film was timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the end of the war in November of last year, and made it to a few American cinemas this year, but is now widely available to stream from home.

The title comes from the 1914 poem “For the fallen” by Lawrence Binyon.

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left old:/age shall not weary to condemn them, nor the years.//At the going down of the sun and in the morning//We will remember them.”

It is a Film told entirely in the voices of the survivors – there is no voice output, but it is certainly about the dead. Binyon, too old for the service, but who would later make at the front in 1916 as a medical orderly, was writing with the pang of guilt, felt by many of his countrymen, as the terrible cost of the war was the first always clear.

A war with 20th century technology and 19th century techniques produced immediate, catastrophic losses. In one battle alone – Verdun, where Binyon took care of the injured – more than 300,000 people were killed.

British losses were staggering. Almost a million subjects of the Empire were killed. More than 2 percent of the United Kingdom, it is, the entire population was dead by the time the guns were finally silenced. Almost a whole generation of men lost.

Our losses are a pittance in comparison. More than 116,000 Americans died “over there in case” something like 20 times fewer deaths as a percentage of the population compared to the UK.

You may find that the British people wear paper poppies on your lapel during the month of November to commemorate the armistice day, when on the 11th hour of the 11. The day of 11. Month, the senseless, industrialised slaughter was finally allowed to finish.

We celebrate our veterans day, at the same time, but it has a very different meaning for us than our British cousins. We use the day to thank our neighbors, served the. You are called to stand up, to hear in the Church or the football game, our grateful applause. We celebrate the life. You mourn the dead of one million soldiers, which means fighting with old methods against the modern.

The poppies are from another war poem “In Flanders Fields” by the Royal military doctor John McRae after the battle of Ypres in Belgium.

“In Flanders fields the poppies blow/Between the crosses, row by row,// , mark our place; and in the sky/The larks, still bravely singing, fly/Scarce heard amid the guns below.//We are the dead. Short days ago/We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,//, Loved, and were loved and now we lie, In Flanders fields.”

For Americans under 35, it is a response to Veterans Day is. You are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident? You have a high school diploma or the equivalent? They meet medical, moral, and physical requirements? Your local recruiter would be happy to talk.

But there is no such an answer for the British until the armistice day.

It is, Lord, hear our prayer, never another war like this, ravaged the Western world in the first half of the last century. Modern technologies and techniques have changed the way we fight, and the existence of nuclear weapons has ensured for more than 70 years to avoid large forces in a direct confrontation.

Nov. 11 is a day for Americans to celebrate who have served. It is a day for the British people to mourn the dead.

We have our own day.

Memorial Day is to buy a lot of things in our culture: The unofficial beginning of summer, a much-needed long weekend and have a good time with a mattress. But his goal in his name: raise high the memory of our own war dead. is clear,

Memorial Day was decoration day, when survivors and widows of the civil war, would festoon the graves of those killed in our own big, tragic war.

The war of the end of slavery and preserving the union claimed nearly 700,000 lives, a part of the population suffered at the time, about as much as the losses of great Britain in the first world war.

And as the Great war, the slaughter of the industry attention was the scale. There are more than 12,000 victims before noon, in the battle of Antietam alone.

This weekend is the time for Americans to break a hard truth: The freedom and prosperity we enjoy was bought with blood. More than 1.3 million Americans who have died in conflicts back to the revolution that made us a nation. This is approximately the population of Dallas. And also you will not be old.

Because we are free, we can observe Memorial Day any way we choose. And life is in fact for life, so we should enjoy this first fiery rays of the summer sun.

But we would suggest that you fired some of the rooms in the playlist in the middle of the dragon bodice-Ripper for Jackson’s masterful work. You will find it captivating for sure, but it can also stir a fresh desire, the kind of citizen who would be worthy of your sacrifice

[Ed. Note: In observance of Memorial Day, the mid-term report will not be published on Monday.]
“Under each of the state itself, its laws are the same, and its interests but little diversified. A few men, therefore, possess all of the knowledge, the prerequisite for a correct representation of them.” – Alexander Hamilton or James Madison, Federalist No. 56

The Atlantic: “The first stars ignited billions of years ago… The stars shone, until they exploded in bursts strong enough to forge, the heavy chemical elements. … The new elements found their way into other stars and then the planets and finally life. It is a remarkable cosmic history, with a final twist. Some of the stardust has managed to feel, to work his own story, and use this knowledge to better understand the stars. Astronomers know a star so well that you can’t say, if a—even if it migrated to our galaxy from a completely different. Today, astronomers study the chemical compositions of the stars near and far… the astronomers starlight, take, taken and collected by telescopes, and break it down into its components and lines, the same expands as a prism of glass, the light in the colors of the rainbow. These lines correspond to different elements of the easy way … the heavy stuff…”

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Trump job performance
Average Approval:
41.6 Percent
The average of the rejection: 53.2 percent
Net Rating: -11.6 Points
Change from a week ago: down 4.2 points
[Average, includes: CBS News: 41% approve, reject – 52%; Monmouth University: 41% approve, reject – 52%; Quinnipiac University: 38% approve, reject – 57%; Fox News: 46% approve, reject – 53%; Gallup: 42% approve – 52% disapprove.]

Vanity Fair: “Welcome to the plot to take down Joe Biden, the Europe 2020 candidate most feared by President Donald Trump and the Republican Insider work, the re-election of him. For years, decades really, Biden was largely written off as a buffoon. … After a couple of years lashed to the trump-merry-go-round, uncle Joe looks like the steady, centralist status quo. To expose … with laser-like precision, the G. O. P. machine plans… the Republicans want the clock back coils and rewrite the script, recast Biden as a rhetorical cringe-worthy second coming of the Crooked Hillary, responsible for almost everything that has gone wrong in Washington, while Biden, the 50 years of the corridors of power. Pull it out, the R. N. C., works hand-in-hand with the trump campaign, his biggest war room, with about six to seven officials working in opposition research, and four to five of the implementation in the vicinity of the ” round-to be built-perhaps-the-clock rapid media response. The cost—to-public-document-requirements and other standards of the dirt-digging-and-trade—were in full swing since last year.”

Bill Weld gets Trumpian with trump to ABC News: “President Donald Trump’s lone Republican primary challenger, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, ratcheted up his attacks on the President Tuesday evening. On the occasion of the first in a series of Kennedy-Institute events at the 2020 election cycle, welding a number of his toughest charged verbal jabs yet, said earlier this week that the President prefers to the ‘Aryan nation.’ I celebrate that America welding has always been a melting pot,’ she said, ‘ to speak at the event on Tuesday. “It seems that he is an Aryan nation would prefer.’ To explain … when asked what exactly he meant by ‘Aryan nation” weld told ABC News that he believes the President ” would prefer to be a nation, not immigrants.’ The comment seemed to be a step ahead of the weld was gone, with the past attacks aimed at the President, also triggered a justification, from the long-shot candidates themselves.”

Politico: “is Based, however, on a deeper examination [Bernie Sanders‘] financial information, his tax returns, real estate records in Washington and Vermont head and leafed through the scraps of his financial papers housed here at UVM, Sanders’ current financial portrait is not just a few stroke-of-luck-money blessing. It is also the product (with the help of his wife) of decades of planning. The upward trend, the vehicle of his to his relative wealth-now—off-brand as it is for a man who once said that he had no great desire to be rich” —is the product of years of middle-class striving, full of debt, real estate upgrades, and a number of investment funds and retirement accounts stuffed with credit card. As the son of immigrants, began in the vicinity of the bottom and ended up closer to the top, Sanders has a narrative arc that would form the backbone of the campaign, the story of almost every other candidate form. But it is more complicated for him. There’s never been someone like Sanders in the modern political history of this country—someone who made a career out of haranguing millionaires … and who is now a millionaire himself.”

Castro speaks out against Trump, the merit of the immigration plan – NPR: “democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro has a plan to change the immigration policy in the United States, The former Housing and Urban Development secretary wants internment camps for immigrants, family reunification and the immigration court system. In stark contrast to the current policy, he is also the abolition of the offence of the border wants to crossing illegally, a plan he outlined in a Medium post in April. “For a long time in this country we have had to deal with actually, you cross the border as a criminal act. We treated it as a civil violation,’ Castro, NPR said. “A lot of the problems we see in the system today flared up, after we started treating it as a criminal offence.’

WaPo: “Distorted video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), changed their tone, as if she was drunk lallenden their words spread quickly through social media, highlighting how the political disinformation that clouds the public understanding can grow now to the speed of the Web. The video of Pelosi on stage speech Wednesday at the Center for American Progress event, in which she said President Trump’s refusal to cooperate with the congressional investigation was the equivalent of a ‘concealment’, was subtly edited to the sound of your voice distorted and warped. It was then distributed via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. A version published by the conservative Facebook page, the policy WatchDog, had seen, were more than 2 million times by Thursday, it was shared more than 45,000 times and collected more than 23,000 comments a user, you messed up and called it “drunk”, and ” vain repetitions.’ The origin of the changes in the video remains unclear…”

Giuliani tweets unclear apology for sharing the video – WashTimes: “Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s lawyer, issued a confusing statement on Friday after the release and delete a video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday, it was styled to her as the indistinct. ‘Ivesssapology for a video that is supposedly a caricature of an otherwise stock speech pattern, you first and apologize for, say, the President is a ‘need intervention should end.’ Are,’ Mr. Giuliani festival tweeted along with a gif of a basketball game, this was screenshotted from Mediaite. Mr. Giuliani followed up with another tweet that makes his point better. ‘Nancy Pelosi wants to exaggerate an apology for a cartoon of her faltering speech patterns. First of all, you should withdraw your protege, which hurts our whole nation, if it says the President must be an ‘intervention. “People who live in a glass house should not throw stones,” he tweeted.”

AP: “President Donald Trump has granted, attorney General William Barr , new powers to review and potentially release classified information in connection with the origin of the Russia-investigation, a move aimed at accelerating Barr’s investigation into whether U.S. officials are not properly monitored Trump – 2016-campaign. Trump on Thursday directed the U.S. intelligence community quickly and completely study about the origin of the multi-year sample to work together” with Barr ‘ s, whether its campaign, in cooperation with Russia. Former intelligence officials and democratic lawmakers criticized the move, Trump, marks an escalation in its efforts to investigate the investigators, as he works to undermine the results of the special counsel, to Robert Mueller probe. Trump’s announcement came amid growing Democratic calls impeachment proceedings against him.”

Rep. Nadler, says Müller willing to do private testimony – ABC News: “Special counsel Robert Mueller has expressed an interest, in what is its own testimony to Congress about his two-year investigation into the Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections. Mueller told the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler , that he is ready for a public opening statement, but his statement behind closed doors, Nadler said on The” Rachel Maddow Show ” on Thursday night. Nadler feinkost GmbH, D-NY, has repeatedly speak of efforts for the Miller, in front of the Congress. If Müller has you going with its own testimony on its report, the public would be said to be a transcript, Nadler.”

Pelosi makes it after the break, not cave to the removal of pressure – Political

UK PM Theresa May announced the resignation in the midst of the anger over Brexit – Fox News

Trumpf presents the second, $16 billion rescue package for farmers hit by its trade-war – WSJ

“If he, in General, it is, how tagging Hulk Hogan in the ring.” Rep. Eric Swalwell to talk about what he expected when President Obama is involved in the General election.

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“Chris and Brianna, Thank you for sharing the story, “Crechale’s Cafe’ s Highway Legacy ” of John edge. This has got to be more than a happy coincidence, as my wife and I have a July trip to Jackson, MS. We visit will, to see our son, Chairman of the MiLB series between the Jackson Generals v the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. I promise I’ll E-Mail you a valuation of both Crechale and in the stadium at the food”. – Dan Burch, Turlock, California.

[Ed. note: Oh good! We live in a world filled with delights for those who are ready to see you. But hard to beat ever, a really big onion ring.]

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Boston Globe: “If Nate Roman came home from work on may 15, he could tell that it was a stranger in his house. Roman, 44, lives in a detached house in a typical suburb of tree-lined street in Marlborough. He said it is possible that he forgot to lock his door, because who doesn’t break into his house just to gain entry. But here’s the strange part: who has not dared to take in his house, everything. You only cleaned thoroughly in the house. Roman looked around and saw that they are made clean, the beds, vacuum the carpets, and scrubbed the toilets. … Marlborough, police Sergeant Daniel Campbell, said the Department has not heard of other situations like this. … Of the novel said that he did not know who did it. The best theory he could do, is that a cleaning service accidentally went to the wrong address and showed up at his house.”

“The premise of a free market is that people will refuse your work, if you find the terms and conditions under which you are working is unbearable.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writes for Time magazine on Jan. 31, 2003.

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