“The third suspect in the attack on Skripal, in Salisbury, which led moordcommando’

A high-ranking Russian officer of the military intelligence agency was responsible for the attack zenuwgif to be the Russian ex-double agent Sergei Skripal, in the Uk as Well, according to research conducted by the BBC, and the research collective Bellingcat.

Bellingcat managed to lay his hands on a dialing information from the public, and handed them to the BBC. It’s going to be a man who, in February, the citizen journalists, has been identified as Denis Sergeev, who, under a false name, Sergei Fedotov, to London, and traveled to the attack on the Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

According to the study Sergeev with the rank of major general in the soviet military intelligence service Group. The two other Russians, who are suspected of being involved in the failed attempt on his life, both of them have the rank of colonel in the same organization.

Sergeev, it would be the man who the flight was booked, for themselves and for the other two suspects. He would be on the Friday 2nd of march 2018, at London’s Heathrow airport, landed, and in the United Kingdom, on Sunday the 4th of march they will have to leave after the zenuwgif novichok by the two people who had been left on the knob of the front door of the house, Skripal in as Well.

The phone number of the Sergeev may be a movement in London, in part to be checked, and it says Bellingcat. The intelligence officer had plenty of time to have a meeting with the two of them. Sergeev was staying at an address other than as they are.


The attempted murder of the Russian ex-spy: A list

The Premier May want to trial of Russian defendants

The British prime minister, Theresa May, had on Friday met with Russian president Vladimir Putin prior to the g-20 summit meeting in Osaka, Japan. According to the Downing Street said the prime minister at Putin’s Russia are “irresponsible and destabilizing activities, it must stop”. She described the would-be assassin in as Well as a real deerniswekkend a crime,” and said that the Russian defendants to be brought to justice.

Moscow has any involvement in the attack on the Skripals have always emphatically denied.

A father and daughter, Skripal survived the attack, with the novichok. In the Uk, Dawn Sturgess, who by chance came into contact with the fabric, and then died.

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