The third place is far to Short due to backlog at Emmen zoo

In the twelfth round of the Premier league on Sunday at 12: 15 pm continue with the FC Emmen-Speed. At 14: 30 will kick off at the TOURIST information centre Team, FC Utrecht, netherlands-Fortuna Sittard, FC Groningen and Willem II, ADO Den Haag and sc Heerenveen will close at 16.45 hrs for the turn off. Follow it here in our liveblog!

Good afternoon and welcome to our Premier-league-liveblog! My name is Rob Hirschmann, and I will keep you in the coming hours, informed of the latest developments in the games.

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  • FC Emmen-Vitesse 2-1
  • 14: 30
  • VVV Venlo-Feyenoord
  • FC Utrecht-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands
  • FC Groningen-Willem II
  • 16.45
  • ADO Den Haag-sc Heerenveen

FC Emmen-Speed · 3 minutes geleden76, ” It’s now 3-1 than 2-2. FC Emmen is much more dangerous. As She makes it to the Short-defenders are not an easy task.FC Emmen-Short · 4 minutes geleden74′ It was 3-1 to The Lion! Once again, it is Laursen, with a nice action. He lays the ball back to The Lion, but misses. A moment later, you shoot Laursen left it in, but the ball Pasveer.FC Emmen-Speed · 7-minute geleden71′ Heylen with a great chance at 3-1 after the return of The Lion, but he is missing.FC Emmen-Short-features · 9 minute geleden70′ Obispo prevents Laursen in the shoot, after a round of as She. Darfalou took a moment before a yellow, after he was no more than a minute in the.FC Emmen-Speed · 10-minute geleden69 Two points. In Short, go Right there, Darfalou’s going to be in. FC Emmen will leave the Kolar field for Them.FC Emmen-Speed · 11 hours agoSprint coach Leonid Slutsky called himself clear of the messy game of Speed. Allows the team to its 2-1 deficit to do it?FC Emmen-Speed · 13 minutes geleden66, ” We have been more than twenty minutes to go in the second half. FC Emmen is leading with 2-1, but it was not as dominant as the rest. Ensuring that the slide is going further and further into the Emmen purpose.FC Emmen-Speed · 16-geleden63′ Is an opportunity for a Short! Right to his left hand, but Telgenkamp saves with his feet.FC Emmen-Short · 17 min geleden62′ Bazoer, again with an attempt from distance, but the ball will go in addition to with the purpose of Telgenkamp.FC Emmen-Short · 18 minutes geleden60 Jay-Roy Cave, which is a very unfortunate impression to create, to go to the field. He is being substituted for Julian Lelieveld. FC Emmen is running clubheld Anco Jansen is hot.TOURIST Season · 20-minute geledenEn, there is the creation of the OT:

Teamnews! 📃
Come on, boys. 💛🖤

AvatarAuteurVVV-VenloMoment of plaatsen13:18 – november 3, 2019FC Emmen-Speed · 20 minutes ago inthe Lawyer place, Van der Heijden in the foundation of the Club
Dick Advocaat for his first game as a member of the Team will immediately have a surprise for you: he has chosen for a center, with Jan-Arie van der Heijden, and Edgar Ié. Botteghin is injured, Senesi, behind us.

The set-up:
Vermeer; Karsdorp, Ié, Van der Heijden, Perhaps; Fer, Toornstra, Kökçü; Berghuis, Jorgensen, Sinisterra.FC Emmen-Speed · a 25-minute geleden54′ Speed is dangerous, by Has, after a nice movement to it. The shot of the Cave is, however, compromised by the defense of FC Emmen, the netherlands.FC Emmen-Speed · 27 minutes and geleden52′ A corner kick for FC Emmen in after a bet from Ax, that is, through Clark in the back line going. That same defender will make it again a bit later for a corner. The Lion is there, just not binnenkoppen.FC Emmen-Short-a 30-minute geleden49′ Bazoer (Sprint) with a nice effort from distance, that is, by Telgenkamp to another will be allowed.FC Emmen-Speed · 31-minute geleden48′, FC Emmen, which is directly been dangerous, but thanks to a nice action of the Farthest.FC Emmen-Short · 33 minutes ago in’46, with The ball rolling back in Emmen, the netherlands. You can Speed this turn, or to book a FC Emmen have a very nice home win? The two coaches haven’t changed.FC Utrecht-Fortuna Sittard · 36 minutes ago

The preparation of the Fortuna Sittard Koselev; Angha, Ninaj, Smith, Sambou; Diemers, Tesfdaldet, Passlack; Harries, Ciss, Search.

FC Utrecht-Fortuna Sittard · the 39-minute geledenFC Utrecht, the kick at the 14: 30 at Galgenwaard stadium, with the following eleven names:

📋 The crew of the #fcutrecht for the game this afternoon at @FortunaSittard! 👇

AvatarAuteurFC UtrechtMoment of plaatsen12:58 pm – november 3, 2019VVV-Season · a 40-minute geledenDick a Lawyer, is the new coach of the Team, but it seems not everyone is in Venlo, the netherlands by..

In the OT, they had not taken into account with the removal of the Tree. #vvvfey

AvatarAuteurJeroen BijmaMoment of plaatsen13:08 am – november 3, 2019VVV-Season · a 42-minute geledenDe the technical staff of the Team will get off the bus, and head coach Dick Advocaat and assistant coaches John Wolf, and Luke in the Pot and in the Netherlands.

🆕 The new coaching staff of the #Season is in Venlo, the netherlands.

AvatarAuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen13:04 pm – november 3, 2019FC Emmen-Short-one hour ago,to Rest. FC Emmen results gained by 2-1. The tegengoal of Speed, even falling out of the sky. It must be the people from arnhem across what has to be done, if it is to be here for another three points to address.FC Emmen-Speed-four-hour geleden45, ” There was suddenly the opportunity to Short on a 2-2! Tim Matavz will be released, and for it, but there’s no-one to get the ball to work with. There is a FC Emmen will be very good!FC Emmen-Speed-four-hour geleden43′ Short is under heavy pressure from the home side. FC Emmen is missing now is just the spirit with the power to do so.FC Emmen-Speed-four-hour geleden42′ Farthest in an attempt to surrender, but it is a afzwaaier. FC Emmen there doesn’t seem to be very impressed to be still in strong position.FC Emmen-Speed-four-hour geleden39′ FC Emmen is once again dangerous through to the champions Nikolai Laursen and Sergio Peña, who is Short has no control.FC Emmen-Short-one-hours ago –33′ GOAL is Speed! 2-1

Completely out of the blue makes the Speed of the aansluitingstreffer. Nouha Dicko working the ball inside, once More Right to the ball, the post said.FC Emmen-Speed-four-hour geleden32′ Laursen, with a chance for 3-0, which is a community-wide outbreak Pasveer, under fire to take it. That is just tap the ball over the dead ball line.FC Emmen-Short-one hour ago inThe 2-0 Nikolai Laursen is in the picture. FC Emmen is a master in the first half-an-hour at a moderate Speed.FC Emmen-Short-one hours ago,’21’ GOAL for FC Emmen! 2-0

Michael, the Lion, you can freely head it in, but it gets through to the finger tips of a Healthy Pasveer in the bar! Luckily for FC Emmen, it is there, Nikolai Laursen, who, and the score is close to doubled. What is going on with Sprint?FC Emmen-Short-one hour ago –Michael, the Lion, has been, for the third thuisduel in a row. FC Emmen is leading thanks to a goal in a deserved 1-0.FC Emmen-Short-one hour agoan 11′ GOAL for FC Emmen! 1-0

What is a geblunder in the back, at Speed! A man of the Axe, and ends up at the feet of The Lion, because the Short-goalkeeper Remko Pasveer is not activated. The striker hits the ball, not even a good one, but he rolls out or in.the one-hour geleden9′ Chacón (FC Emmen), with a shot from distance, but that is to be broken. Half a minute later, Michael the Lion-close up head, however, he may not have power.FC Emmen-Speed-four-hour geleden7′ The first corner kick of the game for FC Emmen, but to the efforts of Nikolai Laursen doesn’t compromise on it.FC Emmen-Speed-four-hour geleden5 The first five minutes are clearly for the home team, that is young starts of the game. As the Axe, claim the right to have a free-kick, but Kooij waves it off.FC Emmen-Speed · 2-hour geleden1, ” We are at the beginning! FC Emmen-Speed is on its way.FC Emmen-Speed · 2-hour geledenDe players are on the field. The Eredivisiezondag is about to begin. He Kooij has been a referee of the department.FC Emmen-Speed · 2-hour geledenAls Sprint today to win passes to the BACKLINE in the rankings, and from today on, the third and fourth place. In this case, the team is at after the twelve games of 26 points, which is the same as for the clubrecord out in 2000/2001.FC Emmen-Speed · 2 hours agoSlutsky do not intend on clubrecord
Sprint is on its way to be one of the best seasons in club history. The team Was Slutksy to do it even better than the successful team of Ronald Koeman is in the season of 2000/2001, however, the Russian coach, is not concerned with that. “We have to keep ourselves busy with getting the three points,” he tells Fox Sports. “That record is just something for the media. I have a lot of respect for Koeman and what he has done. I wish him lots of success with the Dutch national Team. I think the Orange one next year at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, is one of the favorites.”FC Emmen-Speed · 2-hour geledenFC is housed in fine form, and, if the other side goes down. The team has won the last two thuisduels (at ADO Den Haag, Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands). Sprint is doing it correctly, pretty good at it, uitduels: over the last six games in Arnhem, the only one.FC Emmen-Speed · 2-hour geledenFC in Emmen and Vitesse meet each other for the third time in the Premier league. Last year the players played for the team in Arnhem, the netherlands to be equal, while the Speed of the match, in Emmen, the netherlands with a 3-0 win. In the First Division, did they made to each other seven times. Therein did FC Emmen has never won.FC Emmen-Speed · 3-hour geledenEn these are the eleven that will FC Emmen-year-old, Dick We have in the field and in the hand. As the Axe will return after a suspension.


AvatarAuteurFC EmmenMoment of plaatsen11:07 am – november 3, 2019FC Emmen-Speed · 3-hour geledenOver to an hour of kicks, FC Emmen and Vitesse in Eredivisie. The attitude of the people from arnhem, which Riechedly Bazoer, after his exile, and again makes its appearance:

1⃣1⃣ of the Vites
Let’s do this!
#Sprint #emmvit

AvatarAuteurVitesseMoment of plaatsen11:01 pm – november 3, 2019Back to top

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