The Texas Tech condemns racist remarks, students reportedly placed

LUBBOCK, Texas – Texas Tech University leaders on Friday condemned racist online comments allegedly posted by several students calling for the attacking of immigrants and building a wall.

Officials are investigating comments made on the site “Frat Chat” and try to identify the students believed to be involved, says Chris Cook, a school spokesman.

The messages were not there anymore and Friday.

Cook confirmed screen shots included comments such as “Don’t bother reporting they just use a firing squad” and “I say unto you, build a wall, and the us govt. can sell licenses for legal hunting on the border and we make a sport of this, a new tax revenue for the government.”

Another comment read: “in Addition to brotherhood journey: a border shooting range.”

The Texas Tech Interfraternity Council, in a statement saying the group was appointed the new president of the Thursday evening after the “objectionable language” was placed hours earlier.

Dean of Students Matthew Gregory and the school of the newly hired vice president of the Division of Diversity, Equality And Inclusion, Carol Sumner, held a press conference Friday afternoon to continue to condemn in the comments and emphasize the seriousness of the problem.

“There is a process of educating. There is also a process of accountability,” said Sumner, who took office a week ago at the school in Lubbock, that an enrollment of about 37,000.

The study would, inter alia, the question of whether the behavior of a student, allegedly involved in the messages increases to the level of the school, a violation of the policy, says Gregory. The authorities had no reason to believe that there are threats directed at a specific person, Gregory said.

Cook refused to say what punishment the students could face.

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