The Texas Chainsaw Massacre director Tobe Hooper (74) died

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre director Tobe Hooper (74) died

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Tobe Hooper, the creator of legendary horror movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist, is at the age of 74 died.

It reports the trade magazine Variety.

Hooper began at a young age films with an 8mm camera. At the age of eighteen he moved to Los Angeles to study at the film Academy.

After Hooper only name established with commercials and documentaries, he conceived a plan to make a film about the American serial killer Ed Gein, a cannibal that clothes that he had made of the skins of his victims.


Around this, he thought of the story of Leatherface, a cannibal who are victims of stalking with a chainsaw. Hooper turned the film in 1974 for less than $ 150,000 on the Texan countryside, with all unknown actors.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a landmark in the horror genre by the raw, documentary-like way of turning, the almost cartoonish jokes and the groundbreaking show of sadism and violence.

The character Leatherface was a genre icon, and there were a total of seven sequels, remakes and prequels. In the fourth part, worked under more the at that time still completely unknown actors Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellweger.


Trailer: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)


Hooper made himself still twenty or so other films, including the second part of the series. The only film that in terms of success The Texas Chainsaw Massacre exceeded, was Poltergeist, which in 1982 with producer Steven Spielberg made.

Also this classic, about a family of which the girl with spirits can communicate, got multiple sequels and even a series, in which the Dutch actor Derek de Lint played a part. Hooper was afterwards a matter of fact that Spielberg himself too much with the director of Poltergeist had interfered.

Salem’s Lot

Of his television work was Salem’s Lot, the film adaptation of a bestseller by Stephen King about an American town that is being raided by vampires. The miniseries from 1979, was so good that an the material is also a movie version was made that same year in the cinemas was released.

Hooper filmed later by King short story The Mangler, about a possessed washing machine. The last fifteen years, appeared the films of Hooper directly on video and dvd. Further, the director created a number of video clips, including for Billy Idol (Dancing with myself), and Bruce Springsteen.

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