The Texas arrest, where the handcuffed suspect was led to it by a rope, would be in such a bad state,’ says the officer

to connectVideoPolice release bodycam video of a mounted police officer in tying a suspect with a rope and make him walk behind a horse

The Galveston, Texas Police department came under fire after a video of one arrested, no accused person has been walked in on in the division, behind officers on horseback went “viral”.

A Texas police officer on a horse, one could say, with the guidance of a black suspect in custody, and with a rope tied his handcuffs would look like, so bad,” everyone will be looking — a group that has expanded considerably, as the images of the high-profile arrest was made by officers on Wednesday.

The Galveston Police Department, the body released the footage from the camera of the Aug. 3 for the arrest of the 43-year-old Donald Neely, after Galveston County Sheriff’s Office was closed for an investigation into the incident.

“I am very happy that we can do this research for us,” Galveston City Manager Brian Maxwell told FOX26. “I’m the most happy about getting out of the video to be released. I’ve been the one saying all along that I want these things to be released because there is no amount of money, I think, or what you think is important. Everyone needs to watch this and come to their own conclusions.”


Neely was arrested for criminal trespassing in the Park Board of Galveston on Feb. 3. The two officers, who are “cut” with a rope attached to his handcuffs, and led him through the streets of the city center in a horse tank, a staging area, the ministry said in a statement shortly after the arrest. The transport unit is not immediately available at the time.

The shared images of the two white officers, leading Neely with the help of a rope tied to his leash — makes you think of pictures of slaves in chains, led to a public outcry at the time. The protesters demanded that the officer’s body camera footage will be released.

Two, mounted at Galveston Police department, transported in a criminal trespassing suspect by a rope attached to his handcuffs in August, the department said.

The two videos will be released on Wednesday by the Officers, Patrick Brosch, and Amanda Smith for a total of about 27 minutes. The two officers can be heard, consider whether they need to Neeley to go to jail, or their truck to do it.

At one point in the video, Brosch could be heard saying, “This is going to look really bad.”

Just before the officers began to lead Neely road, Brosch, can be heard saying, “This is going to be there so bad.”

The two officers who led Neely to a number of blocks until they reached a parking lot where the cart and the horse in the trailer and sat down.

Galveston’s police chief Vernon Hale, who is black, said after the arrest that the officers on horseback have been trained in the use of these techniques in crowd control situations, but it still displayed “bad judgment in this case and have been waiting for a mode of transport. He apologized and said that the department has since changed its policy.


The Galveston Police Department said on Facebook that she had received from the sheriff’s office report the arrest. Bob will use the report to determine whether or not any further action will be taken against the two officers, police said. Officials have not said if the sheriff’s office to report the incident, and will be available to the public.

The Galveston Police department released body camera footage on Wednesday of the controversial arrest involving two mounted police officers.
(Galveston Police Department)

The police added that the video’s have been released in their entirety, but it does not have the audio for the first two minutes, due to the configuration of the body of camera equipment.

“As soon as the officer activates the camera, and in the last two minutes are captured on video. The camera is constantly recording and saving the audio as a result of storage constraints,” the police department wrote.


Department officials have said that they will not understand the negative perception of how they are transported to Neely at the time of his arrest, and you will not be able to use the application.

Maxwell told FOX26 that the department is currently working on a new set of policies for the mounted patrol units.

“The mounted patrol in its present form, was relatively new to all of this is a problem. We typically use with our mounted patrol is for ceremonial purposes only,” he told FOX26. “I think, therefore, that when the new policy is released, it remains to be seen what the chief’s going to be.”

Hale said in a statement that it is studying the report and will use the findings to make informed decisions about the next steps for the Galveston Police Department.

Fox News’ Stephen Sorace, and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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