The taste of summer: tips and recipes with prinsessenbonen

Today on the menu: the royal, fine prinsessenboontjes. The true summer vegetable has a short season, but with these tips and recipes can you fully enjoy.

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Today, prinsessenbonen be available year-round, but it’s actually a pronounced summer vegetable. During the other months of the year are the legumes imported from Italy, Spain or even Kenya, Tanzania and South America. So it is better to there are now plenty of to enjoy, now they can simply own soil!

With prinsessenbonen is actually a whole group of pods intended: they go from a typical green color over yellow (with the boterbonen) to even purple. Fun to go to the range and color in your dishes!

Short season

Who prinsessenbonen in the vegetable garden, know that the harvest is brief, but generous. Therefore there were in the past, when global trade was nonexistent, a lot of developed methods to preserve them. Just think of drying, brining, sterilizing and freezing. That last one is very easy and makes the beans a little dishonor. Blanch them two minutes before they invriest.

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Purchase or harvest

Prinsessenboontjes be preferably young picked. Choose beautiful colored, shiny, hard, regularly shaped beans. The freshness you can check by breaking them: in a fresh bean appears on the fracture surface, a drop of moisture.

Freshly picked prinsessenbonen consume the best fast, because when they are too long in the refrigerator, they will faint. You can put them in the fridge three to four days in an open bag.


Prinsessenboontjes prepare is easy as pie! She Was, break the fibrous dots off and boil them in a five – to ten minutes until al dente. The beans are done when they no squeaking sound anymore if you put a fork pricks, but still crisp. Rinse them after cooking with cold water so they retain their fresh color.What also helps, is what sodium bicarbonate to add to the cooking water.

Then you can do anything: you can put them together with a shallot stew as a side dish, or a eenpans-stir-fry them first a finely chopped onion, bacon and boiled undersized potatoes to bake, and then the beans to add to it. Or you can, of course, one of the following dishes! We give you already two classics and three what apartere recipes.


Chicken with pickled lemon, prinsessenboontjes and saffron

Quinoasalade with prinsessenboontjes and blue cheese

Fondue of tomatoes and prinsessenbonen

Salad Niçoise

Liege salad

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