The Tannin is very proud of the Young Orange and doesn’t worry too much about the evil Kluivert

Erwin of Tanning is proud to be the Young of Orange, that, on Tuesday, in Norway, once again, convincingly winning the european CHAMPIONSHIPS qualifier. This is in addition to Justin Kluivert, who for the second year in a row, between them and is not happy about it.

The netherlands defeated the Norwegians with a 0 to 4, and put on a Friday in Portugal with 4-2 to the side, allowing the two strongest opponents in group 7 are defeated. In september, it was 5 to 1 against the Spurs.

“We have been in the past few days, six points, grabbed eight goals in a match against direct rivals, so we are doing the right thing,” said a happy the Tanning on FOX Sports. He was taken aback by the defensive policy of Russia.

“It’s amazing. I thought all of that would be to keep up with our strength, but it is so intense, it would have been, had I not expected it. They used to play, such as Cyprus, the last to us did. In the beginning it was quite difficult. Luckily, we made it after the second goal and then it was ready to go.”

In the rest of the from 0 to 1 for the Jong Oranje a goal by Rick van Drongelen, and early in the second half, led by Calvin Stengs, with a wonderful bang for the 0 to 2. In the end, it was decided by And for the White, and again, Drongelen.

Justin Kluivert was just as it was against Portugal, having been there, not happy about it. (Photo: Reuters)

“Not too much Kluivert did”

Just like against Portugal, AS Roma, attacker, Kluivert to be his dissent in the second half of an exchange of views. The Tannin, however, is that there is not too much attention needs to go.

“We have had a number of good players, and I’ve found that this One is not very good at it, the game was over. I will try something else. Learn Gakpo fell on Friday, and it was felt that the in order to now have more minutes to make it. I don’t really think that much about it, but the two victories of the Young, Amber,” he said.

“There is a group of 21 players and there is One there is one of them. If he is an off-day, it is up to the trainer to be right for him to change someone else’s life. That’s nothing new.”

Kluivert himself would like to not have to be a long time to sit. “I’m going to have to continue. Of course, you think, come on, come on now. However, you also need to switch between them. If you are a two time and we will, then, nibbling at it, but I have to deal with it like a professional.”

The poulewinnaar will position itself automatically for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and by 2021, Hungary, and Slovenia, and is, therefore, a little Orange one in the right direction. The two best tracks in two games in november 2020 and a play-off for the final ticket.

Position in group 7 of EUROPEAN qualification

  • 1. The Young Orange-3-9 (+10)
  • 2. A Young Portugal, 3-6 (+4)
  • 3. A Young, White-Russia 4-5 (Of 8)
  • 4. The Young In Norway 3-4 (-3)
  • 5. The Young Cyprus 4-4 (-4)
  • 6. Young, Gibraltar 3-0 (-15)

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