The swallowable intra-gastric balloon is a solution to obesity?

Last year, people with obesity are at a specialist, a temporary balloon is swallowed, and through that, a way to lose weight. After sixteen weeks of leave in the balloon body in the back. How does this happen, and what will happen after that, sixteen more weeks?

A balloon can be swallowed, that you have a full feeling, thus you will eat less and therefore lose weight. It is a solution for people with obesity and a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27 or higher. They usually don’t qualify for a gastric.

The Elipse-intra-gastric balloon that is swallowed and will continue for sixteen weeks, in the stomach. Specialist to fill the balloon through the catheter with a liquid, so you don’t have to go under the knife.

The filled balloon will ensure that you will eat less without the hunger to have it. In accordance with the Dutch Obesity Clinic, this intra-gastric balloon to an average weight loss of 15 pounds. After a three-hundred balloons are placed, and in 2019, the target for 2020 is to have it on 750 to put it.

This intra-gastric balloon is not covered by insurance, and the cost of 4,000 euros in order to get it.

More than half of adults are overweight

Being overweight has been for the last few years, a recurring topic has been. The Dutch will be tough, 2018, had a 50.2 per cent of the Dutch population older than the age of eighteen years old are overweight, according to the institute for public health.

It is more often men than women who are overweight. For overweight individuals, there is a BMI of 25 or higher. A BMI greater than 30 is obese. Women more often than men.

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With a gastric must the BMI be higher than 40, but there are a few exceptions. When BMI is 35, combined with other problems or illnesses, or a BMI of 30 combined with uncontrolled diabetes, it may be a stomach reduction is also an option.

This figure is based on the relationship between a person’s height and weight. A healthy BMI is between 18,50 and 25. For children, there are other numbers, depending on your age and gender.

The results of the earlier versions of the balloon was not

The balloon has a longer history than this swallowable version, puts obesitaschirurg Simon Nienhuijs, of the Hospital of. However, the results of the predecessor for the swallowable balloon that was not very well, especially in the long term. Moreover, it was the previous intra-gastric balloon through a tube into the esophagus and into the stomach to be moved during the operation.

“There were a few technical problems that came up. The balloon went up, for example, broke down, moved, or shut the thing off. In addition to the fact that there are a couple of results in the gewichtsdaling it was in the patients, these intra-gastric balloon in the us, the country disappeared from the stage.”

“There’s still not much is known about the effect of the intra-gastric balloon, which is why he will not be compensated.”
Simon Nienhuijs, obesitaschirurg

The swallowable variant has the obesitaschirurg just stories. In the Obesitascentrum of the Hospital, where Nienhuijs is not available. “There’s not a lot of information is available about the effect of the short-and especially long-term. This is why the balloon will not have the insurance covered.”

Nienhuijs can imagine that this balloon has an effect on the short-term. But what is a gastric and a life-long impact it has, the fact that this balloon was not the case at all.

It is all about the guidance

After sixteen weeks, and their loss is to the person on his / her own. Therefore, it’s all about the long-term multidisciplinary approach, which it said Nienhuijs. In an operation of this programme for five years. In the case of consumption of the intra-gastric balloon, a person, twelve months of assistance.

“The procedure, or the intra-gastric balloon is not enough, people need to change their lifestyle to adapt to.”
Simon Nienhuijs

People with pathological or “normal” obesity is a disease, ” explains Nienhuijs out. “So it is only a procedure, or balloon, is not sufficient. They will need to make adjustments in their lives and their eating habits, and continue to do what you do.”

The risks of weight loss the dreaded yo-yo effect. It is at the (considerable) weight to the old habits and the pounds quickly again. Such a disappointment, that some of the people several times to experience that, too, is not conducive to the patient’s mental state is, thus, Nienhuijs.

For many years, in need of help

This means that there’s more to it than that on a temporary basis, an intra-gastric balloon, and a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to weight-loss to hold on to. There is more and more attention to lifestyle, and also shows Nienhuijs. “There has been talk about a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet, rest and consistency. And there are people with obesity, is also help, for years to come.”

However, according to Nienhuijs, in the age of national centers for obesity, and more than a thousands maagverkleiningen per year for obese people. “There are a lot more entries, but for various reasons, will not be all through the screening is over.”

In the end, it’s about the total package of a different diet, a new lifestyle, and to have the will to keep going. Make sure you ask for help in this process, emphasized Nienhuijs. “With help, you can make sure that you have the right of way for a military intervention, which, in the long-term effects.”

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