The strangest and most bizarre crime stories of 2019

to connectVideoMan is trying to steal from the woman in the wheelchair

Raw video: Phoenix Police Department shares pictures of men attempting to steal a woman’s wheelchair while riding the light rail.

Crime is, unfortunately, happen every day in America, but there are a few of you have read that will leave you scratching your head. Ranging from the ” dancing with lions: the police chase in which a toy truck, here are seven of the strangest and most bizarre crime stories of the year.

The Man in the reindeer, as well as slippers tries to steal woman’s wheelchair

A man in Arizona to wear one set of slippers managed to get the dash away from the scene but law enforcement have been included to it.

Austin Shurbutt, 26, was arrested in December after being seen on surveillance video trying to get a woman’s wheelchair from under her and while on board a train in Phoenix, arizona, police say.

Authorities are credited to the “hero passengers” on the light rail to come to the woman’s rescue, and Shurbutt was charged after thousands shared the photo online.

“In spite of his reindeer slippers, and that the penalty was NOT for the spreading of holiday cheer,” the Phoenix Police Department has said, while also noting that Shurbutt was still wearing the reindeer slippers when he was arrested.”

Bank robber hands the teller a note with his name, address, and

Bank robbers wear wigs. Others put on masks. This, researchers say, and apparently made little effort to conceal his identity.

Michael Harrell, 54, was arrested in August, after ordering a teller to hand over money to a US Bank location in Cleveland — with the help of a note that had his name and address, the FBI said. It was said to be written on the back of a paper from the Ohio Bureau of motor Vehicles.

Michael Harrell, 54, robbed a US Bank in Cleveland, Ohio, in July, after the submission of a teller a note with his name on it, the FBI said. (The Cleveland Division of the FBI via WJW)

The numerator is referred to Harrell because of his name, and gave him an unknown amount of money before calling 911, according to investigators. He was taken into custody and a few days later on.

It is not surprising, therefore, that, as a special agent for the FBI at the time said, “if you have a card with your name and email address, it will help law enforcement immensely.”

A Man found driving the stolen SUV on the way to bail out a brother was arrested for stealing an SUV

The police in this case, it must have been like to be in for some serious déjà vu.

A man in Kansas city, was arrested in November for driving a stolen SUV, in order to bail out his brother, who had been captured a few days earlier, the theft of a distinct SUV, authorities said.

The first brother was a 36-year-old Eric Dean McCracken. He was arrested for driving a Chevy Trailblazer with a suspended license, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said. The police have shown that they have learned the SUV had been reported stolen.

The McCracken brothers are re-united at the Jackson County Jail.
(The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office)

Several hours later, his younger brother, 32-year-old Keith Ray McCracken, was arrested after leading deputies on a short chase in a stolen 2015 Chevy Silverado that is for the authorities to track it through the GPS, the sheriff’s office said.

“It is believed that the younger McCracken was on the way to the Jackson County Jail to post bail on his brother in a stolen vehicle,” it added. They have since been reunited in the county jail.

The woman hops in the zoo’s case, dancing in front of the war lion

The lion didn’t know what to think about it.

A New York woman went viral in September after being caught on video dancing it up in front of a big cat at the Bronx Zoo.

Raw video: Woman appears to be to taunt a lion after climbing into the Bronx Zoo enclosure

The woman does a short dance, as the lion looks on, confused.

The images are taken after the 32-year-old Myah Autrey is a violation of the African Lion’s enclosure to see her standing just a few feet away from the wild cat, who just looks back, apparently stunned by the woman’s presence.

According to the New York Post, the woman later posted a video and photos of the encounter on Instagram-even going so far as to taunt the NYPD, who would be looking for her on two counts of criminal trespass after they broke into the lair of a lion, and a giraffe enclosure. They were eventually tracked down and arrested in the month of November.

A Man allegedly stealing from the store, and then come back to ask for a job application

There are a number of ways to try to make your resume stand out from the pile, but this isn’t one of them.

A man who applied for a job at a sporting goods store in Wyoming in April, has allegedly been in the business two times on the same day, the researchers say.

The unidentified 36-year-old man for the first time, I bought a number of items to a rewards card, but it does not have to pay for a pair of sunglasses, and ammo while he was there, the First News, the Record reported.

After that, he came back about three hours later — it’s time for you to ask for a job application. The man allegedly left the store after that encounter with the two pairs of sunglasses, according to the newspaper.

The suspect — who is responsible for the application and the status is not clear, it was cited for the alleged theft. The police said that they recovered the items.

A woman driving a toy truck and leading police on a slow-speed car chase

The easiest way for you to start a pro-wrestling career is… take a child’s motorized toy truck, and get pulled over by the police?

South-Carolina-police-in-June, against a woman in the Street, with public drunkenness after she allegedly was found to be cruising down the road in a silver, Power Wheels truck, not far from her house, reports said.

Police said the 25-year-old Megan Holman avoided DUI charges, because her mode of transportation was a toy, not a vehicle, according to BuzzFeed News.

When the researchers asked Holman to explain the situation, she told me that she was riding a toy truck as part of an investigation, and that “she wanted to be a professional wrestler like her father, and this is how we do it”, The State newspaper reported.

Women have to wipe the baby stroller from the local shop, but one of their children

If you’re going to make a run for it, leave no one behind.

Three of the women, apparently, are not the new model in August, when they were caught on camera allegedly stealing a baby stroller from a New Jersey store, only to be arrested after one of them forgot their child in the store.

The two women had derived from an employee at the Middletown store, while the third woman went up to the front to grab a baby stroller, according to police. The women left the store, but one of them left behind some precious cargo — her own baby.

Investigators later arrested, at least two of the women, and the stolen baby carriage was turned back.


Fox News’ Nicole, Darrah, Travis Fedschun, Stephen Sorace, Robert Gearty, and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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