The stolen samples, beats, They went to Katy Perry for plagiaatzaken

After a trial, which is a five-year voortsleepte, the court decided that the Katy Perry of plagiarism has been committed, with the release of her new single, Dark Horse. Even though the artists frequently will be accused of stealing music, and is unlikely to be a verdict, and the award of damages.

Perry released Dark Horse, a collaboration with rapper Juicy J in 2013 as the third single from her third album Prism. The number is obtained, both in the Netherlands and in the United States of america in the first place at the top of the charts.

The christian rapper Flame, off, 2014, filed a lawsuit against Perry, the record company, Capitol Records, and the other writers of the song. He stated that there was no improper use has been made of the beat of a single from the album, Joyful Noise.

Perry and her team have been more than five years after is found guilty. It is not yet clear what will be the amount of compensation to be paid for it.


Spot the difference: Dark Horse vs. Joyful Noise

Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams have shelled out millions of

Singer Robin Thicke and producer Pharrell Williams, had to have it in 2018, with nearly 4.5 million changed hands for the perpetration of fraud and plagiarism, with the hit single Blurred Lines. The lawsuit was filed by the next of kin of the 1984 death of singer Marvin Gaye. They said that Blurred Lines is too similar to Got To Give It Up Gaye.

The trials were in the year 2015 commenced, and continued for three years. The name is Gaye, and after the verdict are added to the team, from the writers of Blurred Lines. In addition to the above-mentioned amount, it should be Thicke and Williams to one-half of all revenue by the number given to the next of kin.


Blurred Lines and Got to give it up

She also recently acquitted of all charges in a plagiaatzaak

The Colombian singer Shakira and her duetpartner Carlos Vives was published in may in the case of the Spanish courts. They were made by a fellow-musician, Livám has been accused of plagiarism.

For example, the duet with La Bicicleta to look a lot like his song ” Yo Te Quiero Tanto. The court did not agree, and said She and Vives free.

Lil Nas in X to get sued for using a sample

The American rapper and the country singer Lil Nas, X-rated, currently a huge hit with Old-Town-Road, but he has now been accused of plagiarism, with the release of his previous single Carry-On.

This song would be a sample of the results of the same-named album by Bobby Caldwell. According to the company, The Music Force that is Lil Nas, X, raised money for the victims, the twenty-year-old rapper, never asked for permission.

The version of the Lil, the Nas-X is now on Spotify and YouTube. The Music is Force’, the all-time high in the amount of € 22 million.

Lana Del Rey copy, And you, And you copy-The-the Hollies

When Lana Del Rey in the summer of 2017 and the album Lust For Life came out, she was soon at loggerheads with the men of the band Radiohead. They find that it’s the song, Get the Free partially excerpted from their new album Creep.

Del Rey, on social media, by And influenced his writing, and claimed the band still has about 40 percent of the proceeds to the offer in order to settle the matter. According to Del Rey, the wild Scene, however, is only to agree with 100 percent of the time. This is denied by the spokesperson of the band. The singer said later, at a concert, and that the matter had been resolved and that they will Get Free again, to live was to sing.

Interestingly enough, it was And earlier, have been sued by The Hollies. This band is suggested that Creep to be a lot of similarities with the song ” The Air That I Breathe is inadequate. And you solved the case, by the writers of that number of credits to pass for a Creep.

Mark Ronson’s been four times and have been charged with Uptown Funk

Mark Ronson has scored a major hit with the single Uptown Funk, a collaboration with Bruno Mars. There were, however, several musicians who have felt that some parts of the song out of their repertoire, had been stolen. The Englishman, who, among others, with Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse together, was to have been four times and have been sued for plagiarism.

So when Ronson and Mars have been sued by Lastrada Entertainment, which owns the rights to the music of Roger Troutman & Zapp, as the song Bounce To The Ounce, it would have been copied. In addition, it is claimed the tape Collage that Ronson was very good, had a listen to their hit single, Young Girls.

Further, complaining to the women raptrio The Sequences Ronson, because of the similarities with their hit song, Funk-You-Up. In the band There is a Stone said the end of 2018 and will still have to wait for the money.

Ronson added that the members of The Gap Band and as writers, Uptown Funk, after a lawsuit was launched because of the similarity with their new album Oops! Upside Your Head.

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