The state of New Mexico is preparing to seize land in the Epstein statue, officials tell Fox News

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The officers of justice in the district court that a criminal investigation into Epstein’s co-conspirators are out there and will continue to be; Bryan Llenas reports from New York.

In New Mexico, officials are in the process of cancelling the land lease for, the Perfect small Ranch property of an accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, the state’s land commissioner, told Fox News on Friday.

The ranch is almost 10,000 acres, with a mix of private and state-owned lands. The New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas found the Epstein, who is life itself, while in the federal custody pending his trial on sex crimes charges, improperly leased the land from the state at large. In a case of cancellation in a sale, it is in the works as well.

“It’s been completely redesigned from the receipt of the State Land Commissioner, in relation to my agency’s investigation into criminal conduct connected with Jeffrey Epstein, in the state of New Mexico, and I am for the release of a provision of the State Land Commissioner shall, immediately, to re-State, trust land, and to cancel leases that were improperly given to him,” Balderas said in a statement. The original lease, Epstein does not appear to be useful use in the justification of the State, but appear to simply be taken in by him, and to increase privacy, as well as the surrounding land area and its surroundings. This sweetheart deal should be cancelled and re-assigned to a New Mexico ranching family.”

Take it from the back of the packages of state-owned land, it can make it easier for you to search for the estate, and the only one of Epstein’s properties that have not yet been raided by the authorities. Some of Epstein’s accusers have said they were attacked at the ranch.


“Our desire is to get you to cancel a lease because we do not want to do business with Epstein, or his companies,” a statement from the New Mexico State Land Office said. “The existence of such lease would not prevent the police from raiding the house.”

The lease, which date back to 1993 and it was officially attributed to Epstein’s ‘ holding Rescue, Inc., it was in 1997. But the Winds of the premises to be used for cattle grazing, and a ranch was not used for this purpose, the NMSLO, says Epstein, the company is breaking the law.


Land Commissioner: Stephanie Garcia, who has said of Epstein’s ranch, it was the interference with official access to state trust land, which in the case of cancellation on the move.

“The increase in the number of allegations made by survivors, saying that they had been trafficked into the Perfect little Ranch is enough for any of us to process this amount in half and take it back to the public areas,” Garcia said in a statement.


Epstein committed suicide early on Aug. 10, while in prison at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, creating an instant controversy as to how such a high-profile prisoner and was in a position to have to kill himself, especially in the wake of an alleged attempt at suicide, and just a little more than two weeks.

FILE PHOTO: a Perfect Statue, one of the qualities of the financier, Jeffrey Epstein, is to be seen in an aerial view in the vicinity of Stanley, New Mexico, united states of america, July 15, 2019 at the latest. REUTERS/Drone-Based, and/or a Photo – RC1685DD11E0

The convicted sex offender — who is in a controversial plea deal in Florida in 2008 on charges of sexual assault on a minor– and was re-arrested by the FBI on the 6th of July, in New York on charges of operating an underage prostitution ring. He was referred to the MMC, and bail was denied.


According to the New York Times report in the wake of his death, Epstein is intended for use with $17 million in the state of New Mexico property on the priming scores of the women, in a quest to find “the seed of the human race with his DNA.” While records have been set in order to determine whether or not he is indeed the father, there is no proof of any of the Epstein descendants, have been discovered.

However, Epstein began to spend more and more time in the grand state of New Mexico continued after his 2008 conviction — that can be a convenient choice, as it is the only state in which he was required to register as a sex offender.

Fox News’ Hollie McKay contributed to this report.

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