The stars, or flashes of lightning: Where are the spots in front of your eyes is dangerous?

Each week, reply to Sign up for the Vaal (47), a general practitioner in Nijmegen, the netherlands, a common, or outstanding question on a practice. This week, that’s where you can have spots in front of your eyes at a point and if they are dangerous?

“The light enters through the cornea into your eye, within. It then goes through the pupil and the lens to the back of the eye. It’s all about the back of your eye where the nerve cells of the register. Your eye itself is filled with a kind of a bag, the water in the glass and the body.”

“If, in the above-mentioned route, something that is not working, but the light was not good on the back of your eye, and allows you to stain to see it. These spots can mean different things.”

1. Spots in the shape of stars

“With the warm weather, the lie, and you may relax on your back in the sun. Do you all of a sudden, then it decreases blood pressure. Because of this, the retina is less well supplied with blood and less oxygen, which means that the nerve cells in your eye will not see.”

First visit to an optician if you need less, good to see

  • “Do you feel like you have less and less uses for it and it is slowly starting to emerge? You should go to the eye doctor. Often, this is an indication that you need a pair of reading glasses or glasses for distance vision need. If your optician is not able to ensure that you have a pair of glasses for more than 80%, then it recommends the eye doctor you have to go to the doctor. If necessary you will be referred to an ophthalmologist for further investigation.”

“The implication is that something in your head that it is due to the bloeddrukdaling and sparks or black spots, because not all of the cells in the retina, as well, to get the job done. These stains are not harmful and they are pulling it in just a few seconds away from you.”

2. An image to see the after-glow after looking into strong light

“If you have a longer period of time in the bright light, have a look, for example, when a picture has been taken with a flash, and then the cells still have some glow. As soon as you close your eyes right, you might see even more of the picture, where you’re just looking at it. This is because the retina is more active and has been overstimulated by the intense light. Also, this is the image that attracts, after a couple of minutes and will always take away from you.”

3. Black kriebeltjes, in your view, over drive

“A lot of people with patches on the eyes and have a load of ‘mouches volantes’. This is most common in older people and is caused by the tiny eiwitstructuurtjes in your vitreous body is, however, just in front of your retina. The eiwitklontjes to throw this one schaduwtje on the back of your eye. What you’re seeing is a sort of floating black spots, which gradually voorbijdrijven.”

“Which patches are on it as you seem to be staring at a bright background like a clear blue sky. As soon as you get your eyes moving, you will see them again somewhere else. What is remarkable is that if you are trying to focus on, the dark spots from the image to drive.”

Prevention rather than cure

  • “In addition to spots to see, it may also be that someone has all the pieces, can’t see it. This eye disease called macular degeneration. It is slow to develop, and it is difficult to identify, because in your brain the missing piece in with the others to bijpoetsen’. Macular degeneration is most common in older people. Researchers have recently found that the risk of the disease is to be half of a healthy diet.”

“Mouches volantes, are not dangerous and will often move by themselves away again. Often, you are one of the kriebeltje and the other is not, then correct your brain to it’s image, and ‘brush’ them with the kriebeltje the way. The kriebeltjes a lot more, and does it bother you? Please consult with your primary care physician.”

4. It is felt that there is a safe for your eye

“For some people, especially older people, have suddenly, with the feeling that there is some sort of stigma to their eyes. They describe it as a sort of spider’s web, that they are not wegkrijgen due to rubbing or blinking.”

“It may be that there was a small haemorrhage in the vitreous body, is that, just like mouches volantes, a shadow is cast on the back of your eye. In the case of larger patches, however, it is important for the physician to be present.”

5. If you have the bliksemflitsen, and, perhaps, even a black strip at the zo

“Sometimes I tell patients that for me they are one of the sides of the field of vision of thunder and lightning to see it. That is mostly because there is something of the future. As someone who is a hard blow to the head will also be a short flash to see it.”

“You can see on the side of your field of vision, suddenly, small bolts of lightning, and a black stripe on the side of your eyes. And as you can see, the thunder and lightning even as you close your eyes? Please call immediately to a doctor, as this may be indicative of retinal detachment.”

“Let the back of your eye, then it must be that the process will be terminated. Otherwise, you will lose that point of view. Fortunately it appear to be thunder and lightning do not always have a retinal detachment: a patient with migraine headaches can also be thunder and lightning, or other things before a migraine attack.”

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