The Star Wars saga will end, but how do you get started? “Not at the beginning

Chewbacca, Spain, and princess Leia, and Darth vader: there will be a few people on this earth that is not the only character to be able to call it from the Star Wars movies. This week, the saga to a close with Star Wars: The Rise of Series, and take the fans to say goodbye. Even though the series is immensely popular, there are still people who don’t film in that time. Where to start?

Speelgoedlightsabers, LEGO sets, and a big part of the theme parks of Walt Disney World resort in Florida and Disneyland resort in California, is dedicated to one of the nine films that, in 1977, came out on the market. World visited billions of people to the movies in the movie theaters, and many more billions in earnings. The final film turns out to be a success: the first shows this week, almost all of them are sold out.

Lucasfilm-the vice-president, Doug Chiang says in a conversation with do you know where that popularity is coming from. “We have always tried to have a wide audience, and the stories in such a way that there are a lot of different people, is something recognisable in it, or do something exciting or fun to do. And to all the people who are in the nineteen seventies have already passed, are now taking their children or grandchildren. So is Star Wars and for all generations to come.”

What is Star Wars really about?

  • There are a total of fourteen Star Wars films
  • Nine of those films will fit in the Skywalker saga, as well as the two Ewok movies, animated movies, and the Rogue One, as well as Solo
  • Also, there are no less than nine tv series
  • In the two Disney parks, ‘themed’ lands ‘ Star Wars opened in both America and
  • Since it is possible to go for a ride in the Millennium Falcon, and in Florida, which opened recently, is one of the longest journeys of all time: Rise of the Resistance
  • Also, in Disneyland resort Paris, open changes to Galaxy’s Edge, where you feel like you’re on a planet Batuu, but that is still some time off

Don’t start at the beginning

But, what if your father, your sister, or your friends, you will never have the money. And you really want to know what is the truth about Darth vader, and BB-8? A brief search on the internet as you will not be a quick pointer, because there are probably ten different ways to get to the Star Wars range.

“If you’ve never been to a movie, have seen it, I recommend it to be in The Force Awakens (2015, ed.). to begin with. The main points of the film are very similar to a movie from 1977, and there are a lot of new characters are introduced, giving you the feeling that you do not have to miss out on. And at the end is such a cliffhanger that you really want to know what is happening. Then, you can get through to the older movies,” says He Muradin, one of the

Starting from the very beginning, therefore, section 1), which in 1999 came out, it is not recommended to and there are even theories about the best way for the series to see where the part is ignored. Muradin: “for this is the so-called ‘Machete-style’, which is really only about the first six movies. According to this theory, it is best to start with part four, in 1977, to go to you, then by five (1980), and then you see two or three (in 2002 and 2005, ed.). as a sort of flashback, and end up with six (1983).”

What do Chewbacca and C-3PO?

All the actors in the films know exactly what they started out to be. The man who, since 2017 is officially Chewbacca are playing, Joonas Suotamo, says in a conversation with he’s in the keeps order in which the films are to be released. “So, to start with, IV, George Lucas thought it up.”

Anthony Daniels, who, from his very first film in 1977, C-3PO playing, you know, after 42 years, is not better than the IV, the first to be seen. “So, I’ve got them as well, so for me, it’s impossible for them to have a different way of seeing. And it pulls you right into the story.”

117Cast of the new Star Wars movie “the stall” things from the set

And, now, then?”

At the end of the game, there seems to be a temporary break in the series to come out. Disney CEO Bob Iger told earlier this year that, for the time being, there are no new movies will come out, but for a new brand-new fans, is there still enough to pick it up.

Disney put a lot in to the popular franchise: “in Florida that opened this month in the new nearly twenty-minute-long attraction-the Rise of the resistance in the Star Wars section (Galaxy’s Edge), in the park, where it was possible to fly the Millenium Falcon is, go for a walk through a market place on the planet to Batuu and the blue milk to drink, which is Luke Skywalker in the first movie, in 1977, was drinking.

Through the Disney location is the new series of The Mandalorian to look, and there were in addition to the nine Star Wars films, tekenfilmseries, and there are two ‘independent’ films, including a Rogue, One is A Star Wars Story (out in 2016) and rise to be: A Star Wars Story (as of 2018). In addition, there are several other titles have been announced for the streamingplatform.

A critique of some of the fans, and George Lucas, and that Disney did to the franchise, uitmelkt by Iger had previously even discussed: it was felt that there are too many movies in a short period of time to be released. Also, the night can understand the criticism, but believes that the collaboration with Disney, especially, has a lot of positive sides it has.

“I have to do it all each and every day, George said, the time has come for a new generation. The young men, who had for years been a fan of his, now in control, and you have to know that they have nothing but respect for his work in the Star Wars saga. Now, people are coming to see Star Wars and grew up with nothing like better than the series with respect to access. Lots of people with new ideas, and new stories to new generations, to the movies, going to get. So, we are still a very, very long time, from Star Wars to enjoy it.”

79Zo to see a ride of the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance out of

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