The Stand-up of Jandino Asporaat at voetbalgala it was possible for something to be hard

The stand-up comedy in one of the presenter Jandino Asporaat at the voetbalgala on Monday night wasn’t for everyone else in the movie. On Tuesday he gave Asporaat in the ochtendshow at Q-music, the jokes may be to us.

Asporaat, he began his stand-up, with a sneer in the direction of the presenter, and voetbalanalist to Johan Derksen, who was previously a little bit about the teeth of the Asporaat said in his television program Veronica mars the Inside.

Asporaat made a joke about Derksen, and in the end, which wasn’t to everyone’s taste. “When you get a chance to see the men of the VI-a-half hours later, the tube to be pleuren, I will take that chance. You know, that Johan Derksen is in the cooking of the sulphur at this point in time. Johan Derksen, you’re a mother!”

On Twitter, said the daughter, Derksen, Mary Derksen, indignant: “he and his mother lost when he was 31 years old and I was with my mom when I was 12.”

In the ochtendshow at Q-music, shows Asporaat of his jokes might be a little too loud, and incorrectly chosen. The question is whether the comic in this presentatieklus, however, would have had to accept, as he was to know nothing of the sport, and to know that – he responds with a resolute, ” no.”

Apart from the ‘stand-up’ were the interviews with the players and a lot of fun, and I had a nice evening,” said Asporaat.


Jandino Asporaat out for further guest during a stand-up comedy in one, at voetbalgala

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