The sportmomenten of the year: 222 million for one man

Until the end of the year looks editors of Sports/Voetbalmagazine every day back in 2017 on the basis of the most remarkable sportmomenten. A quirky selection. Today: the dehumanization of the footballer.

Neymar, the man of 222 million © Reuters

222 million euros for a footballer. Tweehonderdtweeëntwintig million euro. For one footballer. For one human being. Let us settle what that means: for three times Neymar’s above the Gross National Product of a modest African country like Zimbabwe or the Gambia.

There Is still one sensible person that it is not abject and amoral will find that such amounts have to be spent in a sport, while there is worldwide poverty, children die of hunger, and the environment to the sharks?

Apples and pears, you say? It Is not particularly bitter that the Qatari are that the amount of 222 million have been issued, while neighbour Saudi Arabia in another neighbouring country of Yemen eight million people bombards to a famine that is worse than that of Somalia or South Sudan have ever known?

Still not convinced? View it in a way that hitherto but little exposed. By such a high amount, to stick to a man, that dehumanized. That amounts to a very expensive things. For that amount, you have a date of Van Gogh or a medium-sized apartment building.

The consequences of this loss of humanity are obvious: as the owner of a painting can burn or a building break down, so may the owner of his soccer player no matter where and when let of the bill, him, impose obligations in terms of appearance, behavior, and availability him from head to toe to smithereens let them kick on a football field. Then, he determines the extension to which wife and how many children he may have. We are not far from it.

The footballer as a serf. Compensates for an annual salary of several millions of that dehumanization?

Time for reflection – it is the period. Time for moderation. Time for a ceiling.

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