The specialist team at emergency HagaZiekenuis

The specialist team at emergency HagaZiekenuis

As the first hospital in the Netherlands has the HagaZiekenhuis, a special team in the emergency department (a & e) that severely ill patients will help where the diagnosis is not obvious.

The so-called HagaZiekenhuis SOS-team, which stands for Emergency Care by Specialists, is formed by the attending intensivist, internist, surgeon and EMERGENCY room doctor.

The hospital states that the team seven days per week, both day and night available. The a & e doctor co-ordinates the team.

The group of specialists can be called upon for patients who are very sick, come in or, for example, is unconscious or has a low blood pressure. The arrival of the patient may possibly already be announced from the ambulance. In some cases it may be to a patient who, after arrival at the EMERGENCY room sharply.


“The main difference with the past is that the specialists right now and at the same time in the patient to investigate. That is important, because in such a patient, you must act quickly,” says internist Kees van Nieuwkoop.

According to Van Nieuwkoop are the tasks within the team is well divided and this can quickly be done. “The different specialists examine the patient and within ten minutes all the information is complete. It is clear who the director was and what vervolgdiagnostiek needed. The EMERGENCY room physician quickly makes the vervolgplan.”

The team can be expanded as necessary with specialists from the departments of Neurology, Cardiology, or MDL (stomach, intestine and liver). It is not yet clear whether and when other hospitals the concept will take, but according to surgeon of the HagaZiekenhuis Hub van der Meulen, there is interest. “Other hospitals, according to our unique concept with interest.”

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