‘The Spanish security services had prior instructions to stop the Barcelona

The Spanish intelligence service CNI did to the bloody terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Madrid that an attack might be coming. That is reported by the Spanish news website Público, after a year of research, on the basis of a secret police records, and resources within the CNI.

The terrorist attacks in 2017 were seventeen people were killed, while more than 130 others injured. The vast majority of the victims came to life as a delivery van and was run-in on the las Ramblas, a famous street in the city centre of Barcelona and to the sea.

The next day I drove the five terrorists in a group of pedestrians in the coastal town of Cambrils. An agent that knew about the five terrorists to be turned off.

It’s already been announced that the mastermind behind the attacks, Abdelbaki Es Satty, an informant for the intelligence service had. The CNI refused to reveal where that been the case, but from examination of the site reveals that for two months prior to the attack, the intelligence service was informed. Es Satty had been engaged in the manufacture of explosives.

A memorial at the site of the terrorist attack at the Airport. (Photo: Reuters)

Es Satty was talking with the secret service, through the ‘dead mail’

Es Satty said, with the CNI via the so-called “dead mail,” a technique used by the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda thought it would be, with a written email not to be sent. A person with the log in details of respective address, the messages are then read into the box with the conceptmails.

The CNI was also the fellow members of the terror group in his sights, and held their position until the very last moment of the time. Also, phones are tapped, and would have the intelligence to know that the group’s bombs were trying to make. In an accidental explosion that came out of Es Satty for them.

Público says, is that “strong evidence” that it is the name of the Es Satty after the attacks, some of the documents that was deleted.

Major Spanish parties, block a commission of inquiry

The Spanish parliament has proposed that, last year, a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the attacks, and the relationship between the Es Satty, and the secret service to investigate, but his request was rejected by the three major parties, including the PSOE, of prime minister Pedro Sánchez.

The Catalan prime minister of quimper and lor Torra refers to the revelation of the Público, a “very serious scandal” and is demanding an explanation from Madrid, spain.


Bystanders help the victims of the Ramblas on the ground, van


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