The Spanish police are rolling by, a Dutchman, led the drug network, in Galicia, spain

Police in the Spanish region of Galicia has developed a network of the drug smugglers completely, which is a Turkish-Dutch person in the supplier to do so.

In total, seventeen people were arrested in the north-western region of Spain, the 61-year-old Sadullah Unnu based in the Netherlands.

In addition to the seven kilograms of heroin during the operation, also in 66 kilos, speed, and thousands of dollars in cash were seized.

The Spanish media call Unnu, alias Nicol, among others, the “king of heroin”. He is considered to be one of the greatest heroïnehandelaars in Europe. He had seven kilos of heroin hidden in his car when he was arrested in the city of Pontevedra.

The drug would have reported no mobile phone use, and spent less on the car. Thus, he laid thousands of miles.

The police investigation began in January when a drug is in the Galician city of Ourense (orense) a lot of heroin, and began to sell them.

Turkish-Dutch person has previously been arrested for drug trafficking

Unnu, in 2008, had already once been arrested, then the police in Spain, leading her heroïnevangst have ever made. The agents were, at the time, and more than 316 kilograms of heroin on a yacht near Barcelona, spain.

The Turkish-Dutch and I have already been in prison once he was in 1994, and was subsequently arrested. When it was in Madrid, and seized 118 pounds of heroin.


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